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THAI’s first A350 XWB takes to the skies

The first A350 XWB for Thai Airways International (THAI) has completed its maiden flight over the skies of South West France. The aircraft bearing the airline’s distinctive livery will now enter the final phase of production, including further ground and flight tests. (www.airbus.com) More...

JetBlue Considers Adding Routes to Europe

JetBlue Airways Corp. said it is considering adding routes to Europe in the next few years, as it reported second-quarter results on Tuesday that beat Wall Street expectations. A move into the European market would be a major strategic shift for the primarily domestic discount airline. (www.wsj.com) More...

Bulgaria Accuses Russia of Airspace "Provocation"

Bulgaria has joined the long list of Russia's neighbors who have accused it of violating its airspace. (www.eurasianet.org) More...

FAA Releases VOR Decommissioning Policy

The FAA formally published its policy including the criteria for selecting hundreds of VOR navigation aids that will be decommissioned over the next decade. The policy, released today, further outlines the process for decommissioning. The agency has selected 308 VORs to be decommissioned as the agency moves to a satellite-based navigational system (www.ainonline.com) More...

Germany's 4K invest assumes full ownership of Adria Airways

Adria Airways (JP, Ljubljana) majority shareholder and 4K Invest subsidiary, AA International Aviation Holding, says it has acquired the remaining 0.86% in outstanding Adria stock that it did not control originally. (www.ch-aviation.com) More...


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