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Washington, DC () 1 hr 53 min1 hr 53 min
Washington, DC () 1 hr 38 min1 hr 38 min
Landvetter () 1 hr 38 min1 hr 38 min
Rome () 1 hr 22 min1 hr 22 min
Houston, TX () 1 hr 8 min1 hr 8 min
Teterboro, NJ () 1 hr 7 min1 hr 7 min
Houston, TX () 1 hr 7 min1 hr 7 min
Milan () 1 hr 6 min1 hr 6 min
Dublin () 1 hr 4 min1 hr 4 min
London, England () 54 min54 min
London, England () 51 min51 min
Montego Bay () 48 min48 min
Washington, DC ()
Calm winds
/images/weather_icons/white/thunderstorms.png 27 °C
Atlanta, GA ()
Scattered clouds
Light winds
/images/weather_icons/grey/partlycloudy.png 32 °C
Chicago, IL ()
Scattered clouds
Light winds
/images/weather_icons/white/partlycloudy.png 23 °C
Los Angeles, CA ()
Scattered clouds
/images/weather_icons/grey/partlycloudy.png 22 °C
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX ()
Scattered clouds
/images/weather_icons/white/partlycloudy.png 31 °C


The first Boeing 777 goes to museum
Hong Kong - The first Boeing "Triple Seven" WA001 goes to the museum after 24 years of service. The aircraft built in 1994 belonged to the passenger fleet of Cathay Pacific sin (More)
COMAC suspends flight tests for C919
Beijing - The Chinese aircraft manufacturer COMAC has suspended the flight tests of its single-aisle C919 for three months. The certification remains planned for 2020 the manuf (More)
Wells Fargo Sues American Airlines for Not Returning Leased Planes On Time
Wells Fargo filed a lawsuit Monday against American Airlines alleging the airline violated leasing contracts by not returning three planes on time. The bank leased American (More)
FedEx Orders 24 Additional Boeing 767 and Boeing 777 Freighters in $6.6 Billion Deal
FedEx Corp. has ordered 24 more Boeing freighters, comprising 12 767Fs and 12 777Fs. The Memphis-based cargo carrier said the 767Fs will be delivered between June 2019 and M (More)


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