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FlightAware Global

Professional, worldwide flight tracking using international data and datalink for aircraft operators.


  • Flight Alerts. Automatic flight alerts sent via text message, email, or mobile push alert advise of flight plans, route changes, delays departures, and arrivals.
  • Third Party Alerts. Share flight alerts for a single flight, a single day, multiple days, or indefinitely so that business associates, clients, passengers, family, or anyone else can be advised of aircraft whereabouts.
  • Self Management Interface. FlightAware gives you control to delegate who has access to your FlightAware Global aircraft 24/7/365: add and remove aircraft, add and remove users, and add/change flight alerts.
  • Unlimited Users. FlightAware gives you the ability to add an unlimited number of users to monitor and receive alerts for your fleet.
  • Airport Delays. Know about delays before they affect a flight. FlightAware posts worldwide airport delays on potentially affected flight pages and sends a flight alert.
  • Mobile Apps. FlightAware’s mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. FlightAware supports 'push notification' alerts to mobile apps for fully integrated flight notifications.
  • API. Software developers can integrate FlightAware Global data into custom applications, interfaces, and reporting systems with FlightAware's API.

Data Sources

  • Worldwide ADS-B Coverage. FlightAware has its own ground station network of receivers that capture independent, real-time aircraft positions multiple times a minute. We can also use Mode S positions in some areas to provide tracking through multilateration (MLAT).
  • ATC Positions. FlightAware receives real-time air traffic control data to provide flight tracking service and RADAR data for flights to/from/within the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, 30 countries in Europe, 6 countries in Central America as well as overflights of the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
  • Datalink Providers. For aircraft equipped with satellite datalink equipment serviced by participating providers (ARINC, ARINC Direct, Garmin Connext, Honeywell GDC, Satcom Direct, SITA, Spidertracks, UVdatalink and others), FlightAware can integrate downlinked data for global tracking.

Premium Features

  • Aireon Global Space-Based ADS-B. Enable ADS-B via satellites over oceans, deserts, and the poles using Aireon's global network of space-based ADS-B receivers.
  • FlightAware TV. Integrating your FlightAware Global account with FlightAware TV gives you the ability to see all your aircraft with weather radar imagery at once displayed on your HDTV in your office, hangar, operations center- or anywhere.
  • Premium Weather. All maps across FlightAware can support hundreds of multi-continent, altitude and time based premium weather layers to increase situational awareness during flight dispatch and flight following. Premium weather, provided by DTN, offers global high definition weather radar with lightning, current and forecast global turbulence and icing, as well as winds and temps aloft.
  • Reports. FlightAware offers monthly and annual flight logs delivered automatically to your inbox.

Selective Unblocking

If you are the owner or operator of a blocked tail number, FlightAware offers selective unblocking so that you can maintain complete privacy while selectively choosing friends, family, employees and business associates allowed to track your aircrafts blocked movements through a username and password.

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