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Pretty sure that's the Museum of Flight in Seattle.

Written on 29/11/2022 by Rick Hein

De Havilland Dove.

Written on 29/11/2022 by Brian Wilkes

Is that an old Convair of some sort? Has that look.

Written on 29/11/2022 by Tom Glass

Isn't this a Bassler BT-67 conversion?

Written on 29/11/2022 by Paul Wisgerhof

Only thing missing is a Lockheed L-1011.

Written on 29/11/2022 by Paul Wisgerhof

Oh yes!!! It's weird because there is only one photo of this registration, moreover he joined Citilink on September 17, 2022.

Written on 29/11/2022 by Pascal Simon


Written on 28/11/2022 by parkerlawncare

Nice one, thanks John

Written on 28/11/2022 by parkerlawncare

Nice paint job

Written on 28/11/2022 by James Simms

Cool shot and perspective John!

Written on 28/11/2022 by Darryl Sarno

This was supposed to be ASA's "Salmon Thirty Salmon" but STS's routing was changed and N263AK came here instead.

Written on 28/11/2022 by Gary Schenauer

Just further clarification - as the Wiki article makes clear, the variable incidence wing allowed the aircraft to fly with the fuselage oriented 7 degrees 'lower/closer' to being level for any given wing angle of attack, The leading and trailing edge devices generated more lift than the 'clean' wing at any given AOA, further allowing the wing to support the fuselage at a more level deck attitude. All very clever.

Written on 28/11/2022 by adelma

Where is Museum?

Written on 28/11/2022 by Jerry Arsenault

Beautiful Shot Michael! Great Lighting.

Written on 28/11/2022 by John Giambone

Well-- almost.

The most innovative aspect of the design was the variable-incidence wing which pivoted by 7° out of the fuselage on takeoff and landing (not to be confused with variable-sweep wing). This allowed a greater angle of attack, increasing lift without compromising forward visibility.[3][4] This innovation helped the F-8's development team win the Collier Trophy in 1956.[6] Simultaneously, the lift was augmented by leading-edge flaps drooping by 25° and inboard flaps extending to 30°.


Written on 28/11/2022 by a mentor

bad place to be

Written on 28/11/2022 by blueashflyer

Haven't seen one for a while. Where ? When?

Written on 28/11/2022 by terry kelsey

John, thanks for sharing with us. Great collection of aircraft. Really stacked in there. Too bad they don't have the room to spread them out more like the museum at Wright-Pat in Dayton.

Written on 28/11/2022 by terry kelsey

That airplane just "looks" right. I hear they were a handful to fly, but wow. Great shot and thanks for posting.

Written on 28/11/2022 by jahamley

Perfect viewing spot !!

Written on 28/11/2022 by ken kemper

Awesome Photo Dave..........

I missed this on the 1st go-round.

Written on 28/11/2022 by ken kemper

My hats off to the operator still keepin' the wheel pans despite the extra maintenance required!

Written on 28/11/2022 by bentwing60

Memes avions,jour different. Ennyeuse!

Written on 27/11/2022 by warmwynds

Diamond DA50 RG [50.C.A.A.009]

Written on 27/11/2022 by twizzle


Written on 27/11/2022 by twizzle

Aero Commander 500B Serial #: 1400-144

Written on 27/11/2022 by twizzle

Diamond DA-50C

Written on 27/11/2022 by twizzle

hmmm how 'bout A Boeing-Stearman N2S-4

Written on 27/11/2022 by twizzle

yup a da50 but not an fa50 good try Es

Written on 27/11/2022 by twizzle

This not a 747-200, but rather a 747-100. It was involved in an explosive decompression incident in 1989 that resulted in 9 deaths, but a successful emergency landing in Honolulu. The plane was eventually repaired and returned to service.

Written on 27/11/2022 by Tom McIntosh

Daniel - Fantastic Photo! Just caught this bird at IND a couple of weeks ago. She is a beauty!

Written on 27/11/2022 by John Giambone

Twizzle - Fixed. Thanks.

Written on 27/11/2022 by John Giambone

Well, looks like they put 321 back in service for peak!

Written on 27/11/2022 by John Giambone

Colin - A wing will always fly at the same angle of attack, given gross weight, airspeed, stores carried, etc. are the same. The purpose of the 7 degree 'downward tilt' was to put the fuselage (and the pilot!) more 'level' when coming aboard the carrier - thus significantly improving his forward vision. Nice idea; copied by no one that I'm aware of!

Written on 27/11/2022 by adelma

What is that on the wing?

Written on 27/11/2022 by john cook

Nice Shoot, thank you.

Written on 27/11/2022 by Wilfried Broemmelmeyer

An F8 Crusader crashed into a parking lot next to where I was working in San Diego in May 1985. Engine caught fire after takeoff from Miramar NAS and the pilot was trying to ditch in the ocean but came up short and pointed it to the parking lot before bailing out. Destroyed 18 cars but miraculously only 2 people injured and no fatalities. I was no more than 200 ft away. What an experience!

Written on 27/11/2022 by Stuart Bernstein

Thanks Jake !!

Written on 26/11/2022 by JM32

Excellent Shot!

Written on 26/11/2022 by JAKE YOUNGS

Thank You A. Mentor!

Written on 26/11/2022 by John Giambone

Excellent photo of ITA
The blue really pops

Written on 26/11/2022 by michadm1

Interesting how the vertical stabilizer doesn't look like a Mooney in this shot.

Written on 26/11/2022 by davewade

* NOTE: The numerical designation changes for KRNO's three runways, announced last year, were completed in the past week or so. The parallels, previously designated 34R-16L and 34L-16R, are now 35L-17R and (as shown in the photo above) 35R-17L. In the distant background of this snap is a runway marker for the cross runway. That runway, which was formerly 25-7, is now 26-8.

Written on 26/11/2022 by Gary Schenauer

She was a great flying airplane; I sure miss her.

Written on 26/11/2022 by Douglas McFall

I really really like this one Maxi. Says a lot without saying it. Well done !!

Written on 26/11/2022 by JM32

now that's a great shot John !

Written on 26/11/2022 by a mentor

* NOTE: The numerical runway redesignations that I reported last year were going to be done for the reason I stated back then were made in the last two weeks and are now complete. Reno's parallel runways, previously identified as 16L-34R and 16R-34L, are now newly designated 17L-35R and 17R-35L. The cross runway, formerly 7-25, will now be 8-26.

Written on 26/11/2022 by Gary Schenauer

1978 Bell 206-L1 LongRanger Serial number 45182.

Written on 26/11/2022 by Douglas Hoff

Bill Bailey... so, are the N-156 & YF-5A designations used interchangeably? Just googling it, looking at the museum of flight website/page, it shows both designations? Is there a difference?

Written on 25/11/2022 by John Giambone

Great picture Ken!

Written on 25/11/2022 by davesheehy

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