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Flight draws Texas-shaped track over Texas

Piper Cherokee draws Texas-shaped track over Texas (flightaware.com) More...

Justin Trudeau to Boeing: Stop suing Bombardier

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has renewed his threat to scrap a potential deal to buy fighter jets from Boeing. (money.cnn.com) More...

JetBlue CEO Blasts Big U.S. Airlines for Wielding ‘Anti-Consumer Power’

JetBlue Airways CEO Robin Hayes on Monday criticized United, American and Delta airlines for opposing the three-largest Gulf carriers as they expand in the United States, calling the situation “…the perfect illustration of how we see mega-carriers trying to use their muscle and deep pockets to limit competition.” (skift.com) More...

Air Canada Seeks Credit-Card Deal for $1.6 Billion Loyalty Plan

Air Canada said it’s seeking a credit-card partner for its own frequent-flier program as it prepares to sever ties with Aimia Inc.’s Aeroplan in 2020. (www.bloomberg.com) More...

Airbus in Mobile set to hit major milestone with Alabama plant

From zero to 50 in two years would be bad if talking about automobile acceleration, but when talking about the A320 family of aircraft production in the U.S., the timing is just right. (alabamanewscenter.com) More...


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