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Squawks & Headlines ✈ General ✈ Popular (24 hours)

  • 123

Chicago Mayoral Candidate wants to reopen Meigs Field

Meigs was the second largest business district airport in North America. Meigs Field airport was closed when Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley ordered the runway destroyed with bulldozers without the thirty-day notice required by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. I propose the restoration of this important third airport with planned enhancements for 21st century personal air travel and much needed revenue source. ( More...

  • 18

Southwest flight slides off runway

A southwest flight landing in Omaha has slid of the runway after landing bringing the airport to a screeching halt. All the passengers and crew are safe and being taken care of. ( More...

  • 18

Long-awaited Mitsubishi jet has one last hurdle to clear

Japan's first homegrown jet airliner, the Mitsubishi Regional Jet, has received the green light to launch make-or-break test flights in January, the final regulatory challenge ahead of its targeted delivery in mid-2020. ( More...

  • 13

Embraer warns of little or no profit in next two years

Brazilian planemaker Embraer SA (EMBR3.SA) said on Wednesday it expects to keep $1 billion in cash after paying off all of its debt once a proposed $4.2 billion deal with Boeing Co (BA.N) closes, although it warned of little or no profit in the next two years. ( More...

  • 29

Damaged A320 to be used by counter terrorism

German special forces are gonna be training on board a damaged A320 that crashed Tallinn Airport during crew training last November. ( More...

  • 57

Divers have finally found the cvr of lion air

The search has ended for the CVR (cockpit voice recorder) of Lion Air flight 610 as the divers have located and brought to the service the planes CVR. Let’s all hope it’s intacted and in good working order. ( More...

  • 52

Bones discovered on a Pacific island belong to Amelia Earhart

Bones discovered in 1940 once again have been scrutinized by a forensic computer program commonly used by forensic anthropologists across the globe. ( More...

  • 64

The World’s Last Passenger 727 Just Flew for the Last Time

On Sunday, an airplane that used to be the most popular in the world flew its last scheduled flight with passengers. A Boeing 727 operated its final passenger flight, between two Iranian cities. ( More...

  • 7

F-35 production ready to soar in 2019

Production of the F-35 Lightning II is on course to make its latest rate rise this year, after Lockheed Martin met its contractual target to deliver 91 of the fifth-generation fighter during 2018. ( More...

  • 17

Samoa Airways replaces its only jetliner with a Boeing 737 MAX 9

Samoa Airways replaces the only jetliner in its fleet, a Boeing 737-800, with a brand-new Boeing 737 MAX 9. The aircraft will join the airline's fleet in March. The state-owned airline of the South Pacific country currently operates a Boeing 737-800 leased from the Italian charter operator Neos. The aircraft will be returned to the owner in March this year when the new Boeing 737 MAX 9 is delivered to the airline. ( More...

  • 22

Sierra snow causes plane wheelie

Sierra snow, locally referred to as cement, added so much weight to the tail of this Citation X that it raised the aircraft nose over a period of hours. ( More...

  • 4

Untrained youngster given control before fatal PA-28 crash

Swiss investigators have concluded that pilot of a Piper PA-28 handed control to a 14-year old enthusiast during a pleasure flight before the aircraft fatally crashed in the Alps near the Italian border. ( More...

  • 94

A successful eighth and final launch for Aireon

At 7:31 AM PST (15:31 UTC) a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lifted off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California and placed the final 10 Iridium NEXT satellites into low earth orbit (LEO). This launch brought the total number of Aireon payloads in orbit to 75 (66 operational payloads and 9 spares), completing the historic launch program and passing one of the last remaining milestones before Aireon ushers in a new era of global air traffic surveillance and aircraft tracking. ( More...


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