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Skydiving plane crash kills nine in Sweden

Nine people died on Sunday when a plane carrying them for a parachute jump crashed in northern Sweden soon after taking off. ( More...

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Boeing ditches 737 Max name on new Ryanair plane

Photos shared on Twitter show a plane in Ryanair colours outside Boeing's manufacturing base, with the name 737 Max replaced by 737-8200 ( More...

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Gander International Airport in Newfoundland, Canada. A onetime transatlantic refueling stop, the airport has had a varied and interesting history.

It's an unlikely location for an international airport, but the northeastern tip of this rocky Canadian isle is one of the world's most significant aviation destinations. ( More...

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Delta Nearly Joined its Rivals in Buying the Troubled Boeing 737 MAX

Delta Air Lines almost bought the troubled Boeing 737 Max aircraft, which was grounded worldwide earlier this year after its software was implicated in two crashes in five months that killed nearly 350 people. ( More...

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Ryanair drops ‘MAX’ title from nose paint work on its 5th 737 MAX 200

As Boeing continues to grapple with new software problems on its 737 MAX line, Ryanair has started taking pre-emptive action of its own. ( More...

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30 cancelled Swoop flights leave customers bitter. Will passenger rights coming Monday help?

The abrupt cancellation of 30 Swoop flights over the first 10 days in July sparked anger and confusion, with some customers paying out-of-pocket to salvage travel plans. New federal air passenger protection regulations, which roll out Monday, aim to cut down on customer confusion by laying out clear compensation amounts and treatment standards for mishaps involving all airlines. But rules covering cancelled and delayed flights won't take effect until December. The regulations also face two… ( More...

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These aircraft wrecks were rescued from the ice -- and flew again

Elleston Trevor referenced this in his 1964 novel, which was later brought to the film, "The Flight of the Phoenix". It's the story of an air crew that, after crash-landing in the Sahara Desert, manages to repair their aircraft and fly to safety. The "Flight of the Phoenix" may have been fiction, but in the real world, aircraft have, on rare occasions, managed to make unlikely, almost miraculous, comebacks. The extreme climatic conditions of some of the world's most… ( More...

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Estelar Airlines Leases Hi Fly’s Airbus A380 For Caracas Service

The Hi Fly A380 has arrived in Caracas, Venezuela, for the first time ever ( More...

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Passenger airdrops image of suicide vest to passengers and crew at Newark

JetBlue flight is evacuated at Newark Airport after prankster sends picture of a SUICIDE VEST to every iPhone on board - including the flight attendants Two flight attendants along with every passenger who had an iPhone received a photo of a suicide vest or of someone wearing a suicide vest It led to evacuation of JetBlue Flight 573 to Tampa just as it was about to take off Happened around 7:45am at Newark on Saturday when flight attendants saw pic Plane returned to gate and 150 passengers… ( More...

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Gulfstream G650ER claims record for polar circumnavigation

Submitted A Gulfstream G650ER, owned by Qatar Executive, has smashed the record for the fastest circumnavigation of the earth via the North and South Poles. ( More...

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American provides an update on the Boeing 737 MAX

Question: My flight wasn’t scheduled to be on a MAX. Why has it been canceled? ( More...

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IAG boss is determined to finalize his order commitment for 200 737 MAX jets

One of the biggest surprises of the Paris Air Show this year was the order commitment made by the International Airlines Group for 200 Boeing 737 MAX jets. ( More...

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Delta Welcomes 50th US-Made Airbus A321, Reports Record Quarter

Delta Air Lines has taken delivery of its 50th Airbus A321 manufactured at the Airbus assembly line in Mobile, Alabama. The delivery is not just a milestone for Airbus but it is also a new chapter for Delta, as both the airline and the manufacturer continue to work together on sustainability projects that produce aircraft capable of flying on a new blend of sustainable fuels. ( More...


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