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Delta Air Lines Warns of Job Losses and Canceled Flights if U.S. Ends Aeroméxico Partnership

On February 23, Delta Air Lines urged the U.S. government to allow the carrier to continue its partnership with Aeroméxico. Ending the partnership would have forced Delta to cancel nearly two dozen routes, eventually having significant economic impacts. On January 26, the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) "tentatively dismissed without prejudice" the agreement renewal. (aeroxplorer.com) More...

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Cosmic Aerospace Raises $4.5 Million in Funding to Develop Electric Aircraft

Cosmic Aerospace, a startup developing an electric aircraft, raised $4.5 million in funding earlier this month. The company is currently working on the aircraft's design after building and successfully testing its engine. (aeroxplorer.com) More...

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Odysseus moon lander tipped over onto its side during touchdown, company says

Intuitive Machines' Odysseus moon lander, moving slightly to one side at the moment of touchdown, apparently caught a footpad on the lunar surface and tipped over onto its side. Telemetry indicates the top of the spacecraft may be resting on a rock or the lander could be tipped over on upward-sloping terrain (www.cbsnews.com) More...

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Head of Boeing 737 MAX Program Steps Down

Ed Clark, who headed up Boeing’s 737 MAX program leaves the company with immediate effect. (airwaysmag.com) More...

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Airbus A350-1000 Embarks on Crucial GPS Signal Integrity Trials Amidst Growing Spoofing Concerns

In response to the escalating global issue of GPS spoofing, Airbus has initiated a pioneering trial with its A350-1000 flight test aircraft to assess the reliability of GPS signals. The aircraft, recently showcased at an air show where it operated on a 35 percent blend of sustainable aviation fuel, is now setting off from Toulouse, France, equipped with advanced sensors and data-collection systems specifically designed to monitor GPS accuracy across regions known for GPS spoofing incidents. (www.airguide.info) More...

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Widow Sues Google’s Sergey Brin and Company for Pilot’s Death in Plane Crash En Route to Fiji

A lawsuit has been initiated against Google co-founder Sergey Brin and Alphabet Inc., alongside others, by the widow of a pilot who tragically died while operating one of Brin’s aircraft. The flight was headed to Brin’s private island in Fiji from Santa Rosa last year but met with a disastrous end in the Pacific Ocean. (www.airguide.info) More...


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