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Squawks & Headlines ✈ General ✈ Popular (24 hours)

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NTSB calls for 25h cockpit voice recorder duration

Following several recent aviation safety incidents, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is urging regulators to extend significantly the required recording duration of cockpit voice recorders (CVRs). ( More...

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China Comac C919 Stumbles on FAA Flight Deck Standards

Despite 10 years of development and a wealth of support from foreign firms, China's efforts to gain entry into western markets with an indigenous airliner continue to progress slowly as Comac struggles to bring its ambitious C919 project in line with U.S. Federal Aviation Administration requirements. ( More...

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15 Injured Due to 'Severe Intense Turbulence' on Aerolíneas Argentinas Flight From Miami to Buenos Aires

Shocking pictures show a plane cabin left in disarray with food and trays littering the floor after it was hit by severe turbulence leaving passengers bruised with nose bleeds. Fifteen passengers were injured when Aerolineas Argentinas flight AR1303 from Miami to Buenos Aires, with 192 people on board, experienced the terrifying conditions as it flew over western Brazil. ( More...

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Technician Accidentally Sets off an F-16 Cannon Blows Up Another F-16

A technician Accidentally Sets off an F-16 Cannon Blows Up Another F-16 at the Florennes Air Base on October 11. A technician in one of the F-16s accidentally hit the metaphorical big red button and activated its six-barreled Vulcan M16A-1 cannon. A F-16 had recently been fully fueled for a training run, and the bullets hit the gas tank. ( More...

  • 38

Embry-Riddle Study Confirms Small Unmanned “Drones” Pose Increasing Risks to Aircraft

During the 13-day sampling period, researchers detected 73 individual DJI-manufactured drones that made 192 separate flights in the Class C airspace around the airport. ( More...

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Northrop Grumman and Airbus finalize agreement on “Wing of Tomorrow” program

Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) announced today it has finalized a Cooperation and Research Agreement to work closely with Airbus on the Wing of Tomorrow program. ( More...

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FlightAware Announces Flight Tracking Coverage Growth

FlightAware Now Provides 100% Global Flight Tracking From the Moment an Aircraft Powers on at its Origin to the Second it Parks at its Destination. ( More...

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Embraer's backlog hits five-year low as sales slump

The value of firm orders for Embraer SA’s (EMBR3.SA) planes fell to its lowest point in more than five years, the company said on Friday, on a canceled JetBlue Airways Corp (JBLU.O) order and doubts about a new plane aimed at the U.S. regional jet market. ( More...

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Airlines impose cannabis ban on pilots and cabin crew

Air Canada, WestJet and Jazz are among the carriers that have imposed a blanket ban on cannabis use for many employees directly involved in flight operations as Transport Canada warns that cannabis is a “potential threat” to aviation safety. ( More...

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FlightAware Launches Ground Coverage For Business Aviation

Ready to Taxi notifies users when an aircraft powers on at its origin, taxis out, taxis in and parks at its destination FBO or airport. ( More...


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