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Russia Seizes Control of St. Petersburg Airport from Foreign Investors

In a recent fiasco, Vladimir Putin signed a decree taking control of St. Petersburg's Pulkovo Airport away from foreign investors, of which German airport operator Fraport and Qatar's sovereign wealth fund Qatar Investment Authority had over 24% ownership. (aeroxplorer.com) More...

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Alaska Airlines to acquire Hawaiian

Earlier today, December 3rd, 2023, Seattle Washington based Alaska Airlines announced it has agreed to buy Hawaiian Airlines for $18s per stock share at an estimated value of approximately 1.9 billion Dollars. The 2 airlines coming together will better serve its western and pacific region destinations. In an earlier news release, Hawaiian airlines is quoted saying “The combined airline will maintain both industry-leading Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines brands while integrating into a… (www.youtube.com) More...

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Amerijet feels financial pinch as cargo business deteriorates

Amerijet is getting hit by the cargo industry downturn much harder than some peers and losing some work with big customers like the USPS. (www.freightwaves.com) More...

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Pan American World Airways Flew Its Final Flight 32 Years Ago

Pan Am ceased operations over 30 years ago following more than six decades in the business. The airline's history began in 1927 with mail service between Key West and Havana, eventually expanding its routes worldwide. Despite its eventual downfall due to fuel prices and deregulation, Pan Am's legacy lives on. It has been over three decades since Pan American World Airways operated its last flight. The carrier, affectionately referred to as "Pan Am," ceased operations 32 years… (simpleflying.com) More...

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Why One Airport’s Runway Overhaul is so Complex

Crews work against the clock to get the airport open again the next morning. (airlinegeeks.com) More...

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Airbus wants to bring Beluga to USA

“ Airbus Beluga Transport applies for permission to operate in the US, aiming to expand its services to transport outsized cargo for commercially contracted customers.” (simpleflying.com) More...

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George Santos' Airfare Controversy: How Politicians Misuse Flights

George Santos has used significant campaign funds to fund his airfare. The spending spans different airlines over a long period of time, and is unlike any spending relative to his contemporaries. We will look deeper into how politicians misuse flights through an example involving George Santos. (aeroxplorer.com) More...

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Airlines Set to Earn 2.7% Net Profit Margin on Record Revenues in 2024

Geneva - The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced strengthened profitability projections for airlines in 2023, which will then largely stabilize in 2024. However, net profitability at the global level is expected to be well below the cost of capital in both years. Very significant regional variations in financial performance remain. (www.iata.org) More...

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American Flies Gold Star Families to Orlando in Massive Airlift

The Fort Worth-based airline donated 11 aircraft and 700 tickets as part of its annual Snowball Express event in partnership with the Gary Sinise Foundation. (airlinegeeks.com) More...

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Farewell Bob Pardo, Hero of ‘Pardo’s Push’ in Vietnam War

Remembering Pardo's Push: On March 10, 1967, faced with a critical situation, Captain Pardo executed an unprecedented and daring maneuver known as "Pardo's Push". When his wingman's plane was severely damaged, Pardo used his own jet to physically push the stricken aircraft, ensuring both reached safety. This act of bravery and skill exemplifies the spirit of teamwork and determination. (avgeekery.com) More...

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Italian Flag Carrier to End Route After 75 Years

For the first time in 75 years, the Italian flag carrier will not connect these two cities. (airlinegeeks.com) More...

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Airbus Investigates Continued Uncommanded Altitude Deviations on A350 Despite Control Unit Update

Airbus is currently probing recurring instances of uncommanded altitude changes on its A350 twinjets, even after implementing modifications following a similar issue two years ago. (www.airguide.info) More...

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DHL Express diverts freighters from Cincinnati hub as strike precaution

Ramp workers could walk off the job soon at CVG airport over contract dispute with DHL. (www.freightwaves.com) More...

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UPS to quadruple size of Hong Kong airport express facility

UPS plans to upsize its infrastructure at Hong Kong International Airport. (www.freightwaves.com) More...

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GPS Spoofing: Why are Planes Getting Hacked in the Middle East?

In a recent development that has raised alarms among aviation experts, dozens of commercial airliners flying over parts of the Middle East have reported experiencing GPS spoofing attacks in recent months. These attacks involve the transmission of false GPS signals, effectively tricking aircraft navigation systems into believing they are in a different location than their actual position. (aeroxplorer.com) More...

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Cathay Orders Upto 26 New Airbus A350F Aircraft

With this purchase agreement, the total count of new aircraft deliveries for the Cathay Group reaches 77. (aviationa2z.com) More...

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Remotely Flown Cargo Plane Gets First Big Test From Reliable Robotics and FedEx

Reliable Robotics Corp. said Wednesday that it’s flown a small cargo plane on loan from FedEx Corp. without a human on board, a step toward the autonomous flight startup winning regulatory approval for its remote-pilot system. In coordination with the Federal Aviation Administration, the 12-minute flight of the Cessna 208B Grand Caravan on Nov. 21 took off from and landed at Hollister Municipal Airport in Northern California. A remote pilot handled all the radio calls and monitored the plane… (www.msn.com) More...


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