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Competition gives the airlines a bumpy ride

From his office window, Thomas W. Horton, in his fifth month as CEO of American Airlines, can see in the distance the Manhattan-size footprint of Dallas-Fort Worth airport, where American has 85 percent market share; it also has 68 percent in Miami, gateway to South America’s booming market. A few miles from here, however, sits one of the reasons why his company nevertheless entered bankruptcy recently — the corporate headquarters of Southwest Airlines. ( More...

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N5827P 5
Most of this is overly complicated, American is in bankruptcy for simple reasons. Exceptionally poor customer service, executives such as Mr. Horton too busy awarding themselves bonuses for driving companies into bankruptcy to actually go out and see how his employees treat customers, and finally the way he treats his employees, causing them to abuse customers. "Low fares" didn't do this. Many times I choose Southwest over American even when American's fare is lower. Southwest treats their employees like humans and they, in turn treat their customers like humans(mostly). I would challenge Mr. Horton to go out and fly almost any airline as a coach passenger and then he will see why they are in bankruptcy.
Ben Deneweth 1
IMHO Southwest treats passengers like kindergarteners and that's why I go out of my way to avoid them. Their loyalty program also sucks.


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