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This Video Filmed By an Aircraft Carrier Crew Looks Better Than Top Gun

Beautiful timelapses and awesome angles filmed with GoPros inside F-18 cockpits. That's what you will find in this video filmed by the men and women of the US Navy. ( More...

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bentwing60 5
You gotta admit, an F-18 is a lightweight compared to a Tomcat. The 30 minute Tomcat tribute is worth the time.
Brian Hankey 3
I just got done watching that 30 min Tomcat video and I agree... F-14 is still the heavyweight and winner in my book :)
dg1941 3
Saying it looks better is in the eyes of the beholder. I personally liked the Tomcats better.
Hayden Lamb 2
The reason it looks better is that they are using F/A-18Es ETC.. instead of F-14 Tomcats.
bentwing60 1
If you had a 57 Chevy in your garage Hayden, you might not think newer is always better!
USAFcptnShades 1
F/A18 has my vote
bentwing60 1
My vote goes to the F-104 Starfighter in the Century series fighters. The single most bada??, no wing, no turning, German Air Force pilot killing, mach 2+ airplane ever built. Designed by none other than Kelly Johnson and built be Lockheed. Certainly not the most effective fighter ever built but totally in keeping with the American way of swatting flies with a blunderbuss. I still don't know where thy put the fuel. Just MHO.
Dolf Brouwers 1
104 internal fuel is just enough for 15 minutes flight, with 4 externals 4 hours.....
Dolf Brouwers 1
Best fighter according to a guy who flew all the century series fighters, is the 106 !
Bob Hakken 1
I click on it and all I get is a gizmodo ad....
I never cared for the 'quick bytes' way of showing. The scenes are mostly too short to learn anything. The photography is excellent but the editing is not my type.
As regards the editing, I couldn't agree more. I think it's a matter of age. So much of the video these days is built by and geared toward a young audience. One that's accustomed this type of chopped up visual soup. The person or persons who put this together weren't, IMHO, thinking of pilots as their audience, but more of an advertisement or display piece for a young viewer.

As far as the aircraft, never been in either, won't ever, so sad. Still unclear why we pay those people to fly those things. I'd do it for free. Heard a friend of a friend talk about the time he took a female TV reporter from San Diego up for a little check ride in an F-18 off the Enterprise. She squealed like a baby from the cat shoot on, and to hear him tell it, and this is all hearsay, it was an epic weekend. Friggin' fighter pilots.......
TWA55 1
Fighters are like girl friends, "Love the One You're With!" From an old veteran Dart and Viper driver.
Re the video editing: I think the people who did the original 'Magic Carpet Ride in F18 Hornet' got it right. There's a recent version with chopped up music for people who like that style; this link is for the original.
I repeat an original observation, we have to pay these people why?
Jason Feldman 1
Good vid - Not better or worse than TopGun, just different. I miss the 14, but the new super hornets are nice. I just wish I could get to fly them instead of commercial / private aircraft only. But I am thankful for every day I could fly at all. Since my spinal injury I haven't been up (nearly 2 years). Enjoy it while it lasts guys - I hope I will get better so I can fly again. It is such a privilege to pilot a plane. Only a speck in time we have had the ability, how lucky for us we live now!
Robert Parsley 1
Gotta love those guys !!!!!
Tubbs Don 1
Absoultly a great video!!!
ian harwin 1
I'm a long time fan of the F-14 and I also happen to be from Long Island, NY, the birth place of that fine aircraft. But, I am a fan of the F-18 Super Hornet. I only wish it has a cannon like the Tom Cat.
Robert West 1
Yeah I gotta admit Navy pilots are the best.. X AF weinie


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