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Southwest Flight Attendant Turns Safety Announcement Into a Comedy Show

If airplane flights have you tense, this Southwest Airlines attendant might be the perfect cure to lighten your mood. The clever flight attendant, Marty Cobb, started off the safety instructions with a bang as she introduced the other attendants. If that doesn't loosen you up, we're not sure what will! She might even be better than a lot of comedians out there — just listen to the roar of laughter! Her performance was so good, she even got a round of applause when she finished … and… ( More...

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ADXbear 5
Ive heard many great F/A's on southwest, she is a top 10... I love flying Southwest, they just get the job of flying you someplace done with as little hassle as possible, certainly better than the legacy carriers these days.. Good for her, she loves her job a Novel Idea!
paul trubits 2
That is "old school" Southwest. Brings back memories of when they were fun and friendly(and cheap).
think all airlines should do this...makes you more relax about flying. IMO
Musketeer1 3
This would make a fantastic commercial for the Bose QuietComfort headsets.
btweston 1
I prefer the Richard Hayden version.
sparkie624 -3
Same Song, Different Tune.... The FA Announcements are the only thing I ever liked about SWA... Everything else is crap..


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