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CSeries records longest flight

The Bombardier C Series aircraft program recorded its longest flight on Friday, when the fifth flight test vehicle (FTV5) returned to its Mirabel, Québec base following its demo in Zurich with launch operator, SWISS Airlines. ( More...

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sparkie624 2
Very interesting... Surprised that any regional could go 8.4 hours no stop...
They do not really market the CSeries as a regional. One of their selling points is the range, and there is talk of a regular business class only flight from the New York area to London City, which should be quite doable with the range now confirmed as better than the design goal. Now if they only could sell some more to get the money going!
sparkie624 1
I cannot imagine this as a main line aircraft.. Everyone that I know that is looking at this plane is regional carriers.... But I see what you are saing.
Kells Moore 2
It all depends on the market. In Canada the EMB-190 is considered a mainline aircraft and flown on the trunk routes. In Germany Lufthansa Cityline operates an even bigger variant (the EMB 195) as regional.
From what I understand they are aiming at the replacement market of the MD80 to MD90 and the Avro RJ-100. The CSeries is so quiet that it could be used for inner city airports like London City or Billy Bishop in Toronto. There is a plan to lengthen the main runway at Billy Bishop to accommodate the CSeries, and Porter Airlines has a conditional order for a certain number (10 I think) if the longer runway becomes a reality. From there they could reach any major airport in the lower States and Canada.
Correction: Porter has a conditional order of up to 30 CSeries, and Bombardier wants to also to nibble at the B737/A320 market.
djames225 1
I heard BA is looking at this craft very seriously, to ditch its A310 , which it uses business class London City to New would save it a stop (and mucho money) if the C could do what it says
David Fidler 2
It's an A319 not a 310. They fly G-ENUA and G-ENUB on alternate schedules to JFK. Flight numbers BA001 to BA004. $10,000 return, but very successful with most flights full. The CSeries would be a better aircraft for this service as it wouldn't need to land in Shannon on the way to New York (BA flies direct to LCY on the return flight as the aircraft is I )ight when it lands.)
djames225 1
I stand corrected as it is not an A310 (puts on my glasses)...however it isnt an A319 either but in fact an A318 as the A319 would not need an additional fuel stop in Shannon...BA001 and 003 are LCY to JFK and 002 and 004 JFK to LCY
David Ross 2
The reason the A318 has to stop at SNN is because it cannot take off from LCY with enough fuel. Otherewise, it could make it nonstop to JFK in its all-business class configuration.
It's actually good that the aircraft does stop in SNN. It allows passengers and crew to clear US customs in SNN rather than JFK.
japanjeff 1
Glad someone clarified we were talking about a A318. My brain was about to explode... "Wait, BA /still/ flies an A310? Out of London City? Whaaaaat?!"
djames225 2
LOL..I already shot myself in the foot for the fubar
David Ross 2
Sorry, it's wrong to say BA still flies the A310 because this implies they use to operate the A310. British Caledonian operated the A310 but not British Airways. Though they merged with British their A310's went to other airlines prior to the merger.

Hope that doesn't make your brain explode! :)
From what I hear BA is not the only one looking at the CSeries for a complete business class London City to New York. And if a flight from Zürich to Montréal non-stop is possible, there is no reason to think a stop would be needed.
djames225 3
Yep Yep..the BA Club World London City flight has to land in Ireland to fuel up, for the hop across the pond, before proceeding onto New York...its funny seeing a BA A310 in JFK...maybe it would make the flight
David Fidler 1
Sorry, my bad typo A318 is correct. I also mistyped the registrations its G-EUNA and G-EUNB that fly on this route.
David Ross 1
It's not a A320 or A319 but the baby of the family, the A318.
Just a heads up: BA utilizes an Airbus a-318; the shortest of the a-318/319/320/320 series single aisle twin of this airframes series. It has a taller vertical fin than its siblings and special high lift devices to make the the steep approach into LCY
The A-310 is a much larger twin aisle long range aircraft too, but has a fuselage cross section that grandfathers to the A-300 series. It's smaller wing was cutting edge at the time of the A310's introduction.

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