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Two Somali Airport Employees Detained Over Plane Mid-Air Blast

On Tuesday, a blast tore a hole in the side of the Airbus A321, belonging to the Dubai-based Daallo Airlines, minutes after it took off from the Mogadishu airport to fly to Djibouti. "There is a CC video showing 2 terror suspects hiding a laptop #Somalia," Abdisalam Aato wrote in his official Twitter account on Saturday. ( More...

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The story might well be true in this case, but generally I do not trust sputniknews. It is part of a news conglomerate called Russia Today, controlled entirely by the Russian government, which in turn is controlled entirely by a former KGB agent called Vladimir Poutin.
Ed Merriam 2
it's spelled "poutine"
That's Québec French for fries with melted cheese and gravy! 👍
linbb 0
Thanks for the political update, wow?
Colin Seftel 0
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