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Two Qantas jets in 'near-miss' at Melbourne airport

TBA Two Qantas jets have been involved in a "near miss" with a third plane at Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport, prompting serious concerns over safety procedures followed by air control staff. A passenger on-board one of the Qantas planes filmed the July 5 incident, which senator Nick Xenophon describes as a "potential disaster", with pilots given less than 20 seconds to react. The video footage shows the lights of another plane approaching from the left, before… ( More...

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tracytearata 2
My goodness what are they doing up there and where is ATC can they not see planes or aircraft out there??
Tracy that's not the only recorded mishaps Qantas has and never gets out into the pubic eye most times. go to this site and read more
For those who want a synopsis based on the ATSB report and not some uninformed news fluff -
andrew357 2
well actually your link is a third party which talks more rubbish then what it can truthfully say but it doesn't matter who reports it or it's source, it is media getting 30 seconds of fame for it. Without the media it won"t get shown on the TV networks
CAB825 1
I would have hoped the people on this site would be a little more intelligent when it comes to aviation related media stories. The AV herald is the only site that actually quotes the ATSB report, does not have any 'news' quotas or run off advertising. If you really want to continue getting your news from un-informed mass media outlets then please go back to or wherever it was you came from.
nanoamp 1
Or look at the latest report of ATSB investigation (still in progress):


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