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BA owner IAG launches new long-haul airline Level

The owner of British Airways is launching a new long-haul budget airline based in Barcelona. IAG said the new airline, Level, would initially fly to Los Angeles, Oakland, Buenos Aires and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic from June. ( More...

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Is there any commercial benefit for having another brand? BA tried it before and failed. As for Veiling my only experience of that shambles is that it is never late; well, according to Veiling anyway. One night in Lisbon the airline changed the gate three times (keeping it a secret from the pax by just letting it be known as whispers rather than courageous customer oriented and focussed announcements) but each time the gate changed the departure time remained as 2030 despite us finally boarding at 2330. It was obvious this was nothing new to Veiling as the FAs were very adept at handing out pre-printed discount vouchers for future flights. As if that was ever going to happen! If the various JetStar (as bad as it is) clones can run both domestic and international versions and destinations surely Veiling could?
I thought BA was owned by the British Government and partly owned by Cathy Pacific and Air New Zealand?
You're joking aren't you?


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