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Monarch flights cancelled as airline ceases trading

"Monarch customers in the UK: don’t go to the airport. There will be no more Monarch flights." Monarch Airlines has ceased trading and all of its future bookings have been cancelled, the Civil Aviation Authority has said. Around 110,000 customers are currently overseas and the government has asked the CAA to charter more than 30 aircraft to bring them back to the UK. Monarch is the UK's fifth biggest airline and the country's largest ever to go into administration. ( More...

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This is a shame. It's always sad to see an aviation company cease to be because of problems and debt. I know this was a tough decision on the part of the company officers. Short of being a really bad company, an airlines always adds to the economy and does its own part in making the aviation industry that much better. I wish the former employees well and hope the stranded passengers are able to get back without too much delay.


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