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2 Time Cy Young Award Winner Roy Halladay Dies In Small Plane Crash

Pasco County, Florida sheriff confirms retired pitcher Roy Halladay killed in a small plane crash ( More...

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djames225 5
He was a great guy, extraordinary human who loved helping where and when possible, heck of a pitcher..thoughts and prayers to Brandy, Ryan, Braden and the rest of the family and friends...gonna miss ya "Doc"
bentwing60 2
Pitched in little league and won a few dirt clod wars. Loved to watch this guy throw a baseball, even though he was always shutting out the Rangers. GA needs a disclaimer, kinda like the ones on a pack of smokes, cause it has taken out way too many of the "good" guys. And sadly, as usual, my heartfelt condolences.
matt jensen 1
There's a video shot by a couple of fishermen out in the GOM, with a lot of swearing, that clearly shows the aircraft was out of control (or showboating) as it dived towards the water and back up again.
matt jensen 1
Note: Contains vulgar language
matt jensen 1
All of their accidents occured this year.
blueashflyer 1
Not good news for Icon A5
Torsten Hoff 2
How so? Do you know the cause? The last (fatal) crash was due to pilot error, which isn't the aircraft's fault.
Seth Anderson 2
I doesn't really matter if it's the airplane or the pilot. It's still bad news for the Icon A5. I mean, regardless of the cause, it's terrible PR for a young company/aircraft. Icon's target market definitely isn't a super experienced bunch. And I'm not jumping on blaming the new guy(I don't know his experience). I'm simply stating that the group more likely to be interested in said aircraft is going to be closer to the novice category than the professional career pilot side. That being said I know a very experienced and professional pilot was the first to error at the highest cost in this aircraft but back to the point which is...Any crash in a aircraft is bad news for the aircraft manufacturer. Even if it isn't their fault it will affect their reputation. I own a Grumman AA1A. I get lectured and warned by 10 pilots every time I fly it about how dangerous and deadly that airplane is. It's a fantastic airplane. Does it have its own little quirks? Yes. If you don't fly an airplane how it's supposed to be flown..then you'll quickly find quirks. Limitations are pesky at best. The Grumman has a terrible reputation. Was it the pilots faults for the crashes or the airplanes?....Doesn't matter either way. It has the reputation of being dangerous regardless of whether or not it is. And because of that... I've got an awesome airplane that is valued way too low when compared to is market counterparts.
bentwing60 0
Well put, and did you always know where that nose wheel was pointing! The first quirk. I flew the Cheetah and the Tiger and both do pretty good. If you learn the quirks first. Four logbooks later, it's still all about the quirks, and the pilots. And since when did the first press reports for any accident ever get the make, model and pilot's name right, and every one I have read since. Clearly the mass media do not own Icon stock Keep those shims tight. Cheers.
Seth Anderson 1
-sidenote...there are a couple videos of this guy dicking around over the water all the way up to the actual crash(which you can't actually really see the impact because of the angle of the videos/boats to the plane in the water) I guess there's our answer. I feel like most of us have been there at some point doing stuff we shouldn't have been doing in an airplane. Not all of us come out okay on the other side :( RIP
bkintzele -1
djames225 3
This is what I got..."This video has been removed by its user"


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