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Meet the British Airways pilot filming from the flight deck to demystify his job

Ever been itching to know what the view from the flight deck is like when you’re coming in to land? Dave Wallsworth feels your pain Dave Wallsworth is filming from the flight deck of an A380 to help nervous flyers and share the view. ( More...

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jbqwik 3
I have lately noticed many well-done videos by pilots flying all sort of planes.
One I viewed was an entire hour-long flight, chocks-to-chocks, by Premier 1 Driver. Fun to watch.
djames225 1
What is so different from this perspective as that of say, ?
btweston 1
This one is promoting British Airways :)
Charles Peele 1
Bryan Jensen 1
Very nice, well done.
SmokedChops 0
Buy that man a pint! (after hours, mind you..) very cool, indeed!


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