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Stowaway snake sneaks onboard United Airline flight from Florida

Passengers on an United Airlines flight were sent into a tizzy after they discovered a slithery stowaway had found itself on board of the Boeing 737-800 jet. The harmless garter snake turned up on United Airlines Flight 2038 from Tampa, FL shortly after landing Monday afternoon at Newark Liberty International Airport. ( More...

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dee9bee 61
I feel for the snake. I, too would be upset if I found myself in Newark...
Lewis Tripp 3
Beautiful, dee LOL
fitzhoyt 2
Tooooo funny!!!!!
Mark Kortum 11
Released into the wild? Secaucus?
Jim Allen 5
Don’t worry, someone will find it and cook it up. It’s not a Teamster - the Meadowlands only bury Teamsters 😂
Mike Mohle 1
Big swamp right over by the stadium and Sam's Club.....
lynx318 12
It's OK, just my emotional support animal taking a walk.... slink.... wuteva...
Leander Williams 6
Poor snake was going to apply for political assylum in NJ, claiming he was being chased by those Burmese Pythons in the everglades.
sparkie624 15
I would have loved to seen the faces of those not knowing how to identify one of these Harmless Snakes.... These are good snakes by nature... They just tend to get people concerned who are unableto differentiate them from a Poisoness Snake!
C. W. GRADY 11
Venomous, not poisonous, please.
RECOR10 11
The other day I met a black snake in the yard that identified as a venomous snake....sure seemed to think he was. I was not going to test his theory.
David Ostertag 4
Somewhere in the world, Samuel L. Jackson is out there saying "I tried to tell y'all..."
Ted Cannaday 1
Thank you! I was trying to think of a good Samuel L. Jackson reference to leave here!
William Medlin 3
That wuld be made into a good Movie.
fireboy63 1
Wasn’t there a movie about this? I *swear* there was a movie about this…
tom mcdo -3
The snake got a 2 bedroom apartment free phone and food stamps for being a illegal immigrant from south florida. NIce
kayzee911 1
Least he'll be able to call home.
David Beattie -2
Actually this is right wing fantasy. Illegals can’t get food or housing vouchers.
Mike Williams 0
Back in my youth, I got excited by getting bitten in the left web area between my index and thumb fingers. The snake was probably in my right hand. Was a defensive garter snake. The good neighbor said not to worry.


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