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airbus has had 79 cancellations in first 4 months of 2011

airbus has had 79 cancellations in the first for months of 2011, which has outpaced the grand total of 70 in 2010. ( More...

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Michael Fuquay 0
I guess they don't need the big bus. Or maybe they're looking at the 748.
mark tufts 0
i think u are right michael except make it the new boeing 747
Michael Fuquay 0
Excuse me, mark. I should've said 747-8. Picky.
John Casebeer 0
Airbus' future depends a lot of what comes out of AF 447. If the vertical stabilizer broke off or some other calamity it is going to be tough going for them. I am a Boeing fan but there is no denying some of the Airbus aircraft particularly the 330 series are nice planes. It is going to be interesting.
shawn white 0
does anyone know why af flight 447 went down yet i heard they found the black or orange boxes but did they com eto any conclusions yet
Gene spanos 0
Maybe because it was air bus?
Didn't the Govt of France indict
the makers of the AB too?
amado leon 0
if is not boeing, i am not going.


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