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Man held 20 hours after asking to file TSA complaint

A traveler detained for more than 20 hours after a search of energy bars and a sports watch in his carry-on bag at an airport has sued the Transportation Security Administration and accused a TSA supervisor of lying. ( More...

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Im sensing a lack of talent and a power trip at the TSA. Any supervisor worthy of the title would have had this straightened out in 2 minutes. Duh!
btweston 14

However, when you put low paid, non-skilled employees in a position of power, you get... this.

Shit in, shit out.
The whole TSA system needs to change.
WtfWtf 8
I know Roger. It's insane that they arrested him. He is no criminal. He'll rake it in now I bet. All of those goons involved should be fired on the spot and serve 23 hours themselves.
btweston -1
All of those goons, huh?
Pam Niehoff 4
TSA clowns.
preacher1 7
I think the hardening of the cockpit doors and increasing the sky marshall plan has helped more than having these buffoons around, not to mention how much money we'd save without them. Having military with Mi6's in the airport didn't hurt anything either.
btweston 3
Ehh... A bunch of overweight, undertrained Weekend Warriors wandering around with guns isn't going to deter someone with serious terrorist aspirations.

Plus, the U.S. military doesn't belong among American civilians.
preacher1 1
I agree to that but the ones I saw weren't overweight and undertrained weekend warriors. And they belong more among American civilians than stuck overseas someplace that they are not wanted anymore than they want to be there.
btweston 3
Being overseas where they are not wanted is the military's job. Here we have police.

There was a reason that the Roman army wasn't allowed inside the city. They do not exist to fight the citizens.
preacher1 5
You are correct on the Roman Army. Where we are not wanted in places like the middle East is one thing, but to get in the midst of our supposed allies, such as Germany, Japan and so on, and get smiled at to your face and cussed behind your back is another, and wherever you are at, you must have a different set of physical standards for you "weekend warriors". Ours go thru regular boot camp for their branch of service and those standards must be maintained or they are out. I personally think our military needs to come home from places where we fought wars 60 years ago and put to use doing some needed work here, like replacing the TSA and a shoot to kill securing our borders.
Eddiesno2 2
Unfortunately the TSA is just another government handout that isn't going away
preacher1 2
Well they been out of the news for awhile. To everything an end must come.
matt jensen 3
what I said after 9-1-1 should have been done. Hire retired police officers instead of Andy Frain ushers. At least 85% of police officers know what to look for on conveyor belts.
linbb 2
Every airport I was at last month there were too many for the amount of work needing to be done. Proof was they were training each other because there was enough on duty to take care of things. Leaning against the wall and talking to another one also. HO HUM
Lawguy51 1
If this isn't further proof that TSA needs some serious and heavy oversight from Congress, I don't know what is.
Vic De Paula 1
tell me what a targeted profile is
tom scha 1
In which country did this happen ? The USA ? What did you expect ?
scotto54 1
I agree that a skilled supervisor was needed. But the Oklahoma City bombing destroyed a building an killed many and involved fertilizer, a timing device and a container (van). Energy bars, packed with an electronic sport watch inside PVC pipe, going thru security? Really?
preacher1 1
Search was warranted but it sounds like a TSA power trip came along or something got left out of this story
joel wiley 0
Or added in by the Sup. Ala Brian Williams
David Camburn 1
What a waste of government funding. Put the local police in charge! Give them the training and money for scanners, etc.
Ric Wernicke 1
What are you nuts? The local police kill people and break things. They are also way over paid with pensions starting at age 50 that pay essentially the same check with medical. TSA receives a pittance compared to local police.
You got that right. Peons have to wait till 66 to get a pittance. Government spending on pensions at all levels is out of control. That Ponzi scheme has driven taxes to the communist level.
iflyfsx 0
Some people still don't understand they can't question their masters. Or make eye contact.
Pam Niehoff 1
TSA: Give them a badge and they feel they are totally powerful. Thankfully they don't carry weapons, but they do bully much of the time.
Chuck Me -1
"The TSA said it was concerned about the gear in his bag: what turned out to be the watch and the power bars, wrapped in a small PVC pipe for protection. Electronics and "organic mass" can be used to make bombs, TSA Supervisor Charles Kieser testified at an April 2013 criminal trial."

It is at least nice the TSA found this. That sure sounds like it could be trouble (or practice trouble). I understand why they questioned him. Possibly with an aggressive tone he did not like.

But still - should be an easy situation to resolve and certainly not something needing 20 hours to sort out.
Chuck Me 2
The guy is an architect. That kind of explains the use of the tube to protect the powerbars and watch.
Derek Edwards -9
Ok, so you put some foil- or paper-wrapped organic chemistry (sugar) in a PVC pipe, along with a watch and maybe your earbuds. I can see how that looks like a pipe bomb on an X-ray. So given it looks like pipe bomb, how long does it take to crack it open (lucky they didn't just take it all out back and blow it sky-high). But I gotta side with TSA just this once.
So would a tube of Pringles. Lol
Ric Wernicke 2
No Pringles are not an organic mass. Why else would they taste like the tube they came in?
SmokedChops 1
for the win!
We're talkin TSA here. These are folks that when they want a fancy meal they go to Steak n Shake instead of McDonald's.
btweston 7
So when it turns out to be a bunch of power bars you should detain someone and lie about their actions? Are you high?

I'm serious. Did your doctor change your prescription or something?
Chuck Me 1
If they lied about what he said, screw them. I get their concern for the items in his carry on. But that doesn't mean lying (if they did in fact lie) about what he said is OK.
preacher1 1
Dear Boy, what are you talking about here?


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