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FAA banned private Canadian planes

Between 16 Dec and 16 Jan, the FAA banned private Canadian planes from cross-border flights. You read it right. But the FAA never told anyone at Transport Canada. ( More...

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dmohr1 3
Canada has all the power here. If they shut down their airspace to us, it would cost US airlines billions and billions. Shut down the area from Buffalo to Detroit and shut down all the area around Gander, Newfoundland, etc and the airlines would be burning down the doors of the White House begging for help.
Highflyer1950 3
Another dumbass descision worthy of someone who is 90 bricks short of a full load. I Wonder if Transport Canada upon discovering this kicked around the idea of banning all private overflights from the US from entering Gander Oceanic airspace?
matt jensen 0
I would have retaliated, but then I don't overfly US airspace.
David Fidler 1
A better example would be what would've happened to flights from the lower 48 states to Alaska if Canada had done the same thing as the US??
Tim Baker 1
Maybe they were on HI alert because of a tip about a small aircraft coming from the north.
And keeping their mouth shut afterwards in regards to threat alert levels and who are not privy to any info as to why they blocked traffic.
if I were Transport Canada I would've retaliated and even worse have all the passengers in said US planes jump through as many hoops as Canadians do when the get turned back from the border by paranoid egomaniacal power tripping TSA/DHS/CBP agents!
Dave Wood 1
Another great move by the "Home of the fee and the land of the fraid".


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