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Stockholm air traffic control tower is now a luxury apartment

Spending the night at an airport isn't usually an aspirational sleeping arrangement. That was before someone transformed the original flight control tower at Stockholm Arlanda Airport into a luxury apartment. The disused tower is now home to a spacious, bright space complete with panoramic views of the runways below. ( More...

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Tom Pera 10
sign me up! would live there watching airplanes forever!
Jeff Phipps 5
That would be awesome, right after my divorce of course.
dhice9102 3
the ATCT I worked at in the '70's did'nt even come close. Twin beds - how thoughtful!
Tom Pera 2
me, too.... had to sleep on the cold hard deck on graveyard shift...
John Thornton 3
Not open to U.S. Residents, it seems
I did not see that in the article. Maybe it was elsewhere?
Unless you are referring to the contest..... which is restricted to but a few countries.
David Strout 2
Yeah, pretty sure he was referring to the contest. The list of countries includes the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and the Netherlands. I guess if you're not from one of those countries, you can't enter the contest, which makes sense since it includes airfare, which would be more expensive from countries further afield.


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