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Brawl erupts at San Juan airport after drunk passenger refuses to leave flight

Dramatic video captured a melee that erupted at Puerto Rico’s international airport in San Juan after a drunken woman refused to get off a Philadelphia-bound plane, according to a report. ( More...

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linbb 2
Oh well probably like the current thing in some large demo controled states and cities, Portland OR for one, Cops hands off of anyone protesting or causing problems. Call up someone who can fix the problems like mental health people and all will be well.
Lee Withers 2
Just excercising her civil rights and showing why black lives matter
F A 1
How to make an instant asshole,"Just add alcohol"!! Ban the drunk for life on all airlines. The companies need to make a unified stand against these idiots. Aircrew and fellow passegers do not need this crap.


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