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DFW Airport Hijinks Video No Laughing Matter For Board Member

DFW AIRPORT (CBSDFW.COM) – A new video making the rounds of the Internet shows two guys goofing around after hours at DFW International Airport. What concerns some is that no one seems to do anything to stop them. CBS 11 showed the video to Taylor O’Donovan, who was catching a flight to Detroit. “I can’t believe there wasn’t some kind of security or someone walking around at all to even see that.” ( More...

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Joel Rodriguez 0
I can understand the concerns of some passengers and DFW personnel... but...

The video was creative and funny! :) Just two young guys, with too much free time on their hands... lol
Daniel Baker 0
It seems really unlikely and strange that a kitchen and bar was unlocked/operable. My guess is the staff let them shoot that part while they were closing down/cleaning up.
trey Hamrick 0
great video! :)
andy streit 0
That was funny. I thought the beer in the martini glass was classic!
Michael Fuquay 0
mattdavis 0
Some people just need to lighten up, especially that DFW Airport Board member.
That movie was hilarious! Anyone know if these guys have their own site?
Lew Greenwalt 0
Absolutely funny stuff. The whole world needs to lighten up.
It's pretty funny, but what happens when somebody who has already been screened by the TSA goes into a restaurant, grabs a bunch of knives and then boards a plane? This is a huge security loophole and it needs to be fixed.
Chip Hermes 0
very funny, theschoolofchuck...that has always been a flaw. it could be a gun or anything. you think they're running all that food and stuff through xray machines? of course, mechanics are never screened either and the list goes on. they pretend to lock the front door, but the back door is wide open.
Ryan Pitt 0
Great video!
Robert Gomez 0
Looks like there are more people involved taping the video, plenty of time, it couldn't be in less than 10 mins and no body notice. News reporters make it look like if terrorists goofing around.
Robert Fleming 0
I'm afraid that that video already has gotten too much attention, and I personally don't think it's funny. The people that run an airport sure as Hell shouldn't. And like someone already said, and what gets me is no one did anything to stop it. I guess people will do anything for fame...unfortunately for these folks it cost a lot of aggravation for the people that work there(except of course for the guy with the vacuum cleaner), and possibly a lot of damage. For the person that said people need to lighten up, you aren't the person paying the bills. My some people need to GROW up. This just shows that this economy has left at least the people involved in that video WAY TOO MUCH time on their hands!
Troy Raiteri 0
I personally think it's hilarious I mean think about it TSA really isn't going to do anything to "save the world" on this video. I would do the same darn thing if my flight was cancelled and I was left stranded. Better than sleeping on the floor with a sleeping bag waiting for the next flight.
Joe Serdynski 0
Wow, a lot of people need to lighten up. These guys and gals (camera operation and directing) are pro's (or future pro's). Congrads are in order!
Funny video, but its airport security that is the real joke and has been the joke. For those who think that what we have gone through since 911 at airports is for our protection. You make me really laugh...

So lets see what DFW does now? Let me guess? Guards posted in all waiting areas with MP5s with instructions to shoot to kill on sight if they catch someone screwing around....

Stupid crap...
Pileits 0
Im sure some government fool will over react about this video.
Ben Guttery 0
There really isnt much to do there when everything is closed and you have 5 hours to kill. I've already seen one of the DFW Airport Board members upset because she has never had fun in an airport. Thumbs up, guys! Great job! Best airport video of the year!
Tom Gorman 0
Those guys are my heroes!
MimosaDrive 0
Those two guys should act their age... Oh. Wait. That's what they were doing. As somebody who was stuck in an airport overnight recently due to airline delays, I agree with the "hilarious" and "lighten up" comments.
Wingscrubber 0
Victor Engel 0
To those upset about this: would you rather a couple of bored photographers have free reign and show what they did with a bit of humor, or would you rather have some miscreants wreak total havoc? Consider this a very cheap lesson. Learn from it!

BTW, when my ex-wife was a kid, she and her brother used to play hide and seek on the airport transportation system at DFW with "God". The transportation system has a sort of PA system that allows someone in a stuck train to communicate back to base, or an operator can address people in one of the people movers. Anyway, what they'd do was to board one of the people movers and wait for the operator to try to find them. All he had at his disposal to find them was the PA system.

This was way before 911, and probably not long after DFW was built.
Let's see here...

Criminal trespass, petty theft, disorderly conduct, all caught on video and published by the ones who committed the acts (there had to be others involved, who operated the cameras). But DFW Police have to investigate to see what crimes were committed? REALLY?

Thank God this was just a foolish prank, and not someone looking to create a sequel to 9/11. To those who think this was no big deal, how would you like to be on the aircraft that happens on because the obvious security flaws highlighted in the video were never addressed?

Right up until one (or more) of the adult juveniles walked into the kitchen area, it might have been funny. Once they stepped foot into an area that was both off limits and contained potential weapons, it stopped being funny, and demonstrated a serious security flaw that endangers lives.
John Andre 0
Jesus, 2:02 of my life I'll never get back.
Baja Joes 0
I don't see a security issue! I would have left something for the beer
but its no big deal. All that place needed to do is shut the gas off to the tap.

I will VOTE for anyone who will fight tsa abuses!
Isia Maria 0
It seems that some would quickly welcome a society in which we all shuffle around sedated and lobotomized. Because it's the only way we will ever be able to come close to a life that is "completely safe," or get rid of these annoying "adult juvenile" tricksters, pranksters, and people who enjoy life.

What security flaws? They shined their shoes topless? They rode around in chairs? They had a beer? Suppose that security was watching them the whole time? And other than keeping an eye on them they just didn't do anything? Not because of "Security flaws" but because someone used their judgment (as they are wont to) and realized that these two goofs were NOT up to anything evil. Since I doubt someone intent on stealing a kitchen knife to go all jihadi on their next flight would first race around the terminal setting up video equipment and draw attention to themselves by doing handstands and cartwheels. But hey, you never know, those terrorists are crafty buggers.

Are people just pissed off because they've had so many bad experiences in airports and don't want to see anyone enjoying what should be a mind numbing experience? Would they be happy if these guys had been arrested on the spot and sent to GITMO? I'm really curious, what is the proposed "solution" to the evil deeds shown on this vid? I'm trying to picture that world. Are we supposed to be chained to our seats during a layover in case we get all out of place and act "disorderly"? Tazered if we do a wheely in a wheelchair?
Victor Engel 0
When watching the beer quaffing, Deuteronomy 25:4 springs to mind.
Mike Lowe 0
Enough of this crap!! First and foremost is this video ROCKED!!!

God people lighten up, the video is funny and I'd be willing to bet that after Old Mrs. Snottypants, the airport administrator, does her investigation we'll find out that there were more than just two knuckleheads with a creative streak in on this. And they will probably lose their jobs over it to unfortunately.

Also, for any one who really thinks that the crap we go through at security makes one bit of difference you need to wake up. As a 15 year airline professional I can tell you there are more holes in the "airport security" process that you can shake a stick at, and the only way we will fix them is to turn our society in to some kind of Orwellian nightmare (Old Mrs. Snottypants et al is giving it a good try). So until that finally happens, relax people and laugh along with these two guys and get on with your life!
John Andre 0
You can't all be pilots. Please tell me you're not PIC on Sunday's BOS to KMO flight.
Michael Chaney 0
This is what life's all about. Have fun people!
Wendell Smith 0
I'm with D. Baker on this. They had to have airport employee help with this video.
conmanflyer 0
wendell, if they had done that, then its cool then.
calbert 0
No security issues with it. Look like they was just good fun. Hehehehe.
Ann Walko 0
News reports say airport security watched the whole time, didn't see they were a security issue (except the unlocked restaurant), they cleaned the spitballs from the bathroom and put everything back where they found it. I agree with the "lighten up" crowd!
kenish 0
It's the DFW board member who needs to be replaced. Probably she's making a stink about this to justify her 6-figure salary for attending a 30 minute meeting once a week. No doubt they were watched on dozens of security cams through the terminal and OMG!!!, judgement was used to figure out there was no need for a security response. I'm sure if they grabbed knives, started a fire in the restroom, etc. there would have been swift action.
Rand Huck 0
@Robert Fleming They have too much time on their hands? You do realize they're STRANDED AT AN AIRPORT? Would you say the same to anybody who has a time-consuming hobby like, I don't know, general aviation, fishing, or golfing? They took some of life's lemons and made them into lemonade... in a martini glass.
MimosaDrive 0
After watching the video again, it looks more like a dessert/sundae glass that they used for the beer guzzling. You can tell that thought and planning went into the shooting and editing of the video. Well done!

Next time I'm in DFW (which is next week) I'll have a new, more pleasant memory associated with it. Thanks!


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