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A rare scene at KSJC

While 747's (N747A) are a rare site at KSJC, we do have this one that serves our beloved SAN JOSE SHARKS (NHL) team ... It has also moon lighted in the past as the "offical" plane of the BALLET SAN JOSE and "Corporate Jet" of "FRYS ELECTRONICS". ( More...

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Ben Englert 3
Where does she live when not in use? Probably out in the desert some place...
oleipelt 1
They store her at either MHR or MCC, and down to San Bernardino for matinence.
Jason Manley 1
Would love to see this flight at SJC. I fly out weekly and have never seen this plane. I remember walking from the new B concourse down to A about a year ago and begin greeted with a 777 and going wow. Talked to the UA GA and she told me it had to take an emergency landing.
Bill Schmiett 1
Why Randy Fry would need an SP is beyond me. I thought the Sharks plane is a 727-200. Obviously not quite up to the intercontinental trip as a non-stop.
indy2001 1
I've always loved the look of the 747, especially the classics. But somehow the SP version just doesn't look quite right. Still, it must have been a very comfortable flight!
I agree, those stubby SP's are just hard to look at.
I flew on one of the Pan Am SP's from Tokyo to LA in the late 70's. It was a weird configuration. You would walk down on side of the A/C from 1st to Eco and there were no seats, just windows. On the other side was a closed off area that I presume was for cargo.

By far the most turbulent ride I ever had coming out of the old Tokyo airport and the Stewart never sat down, he just held on to all the whisky/wine bottles he was opening on this table top and never blinked. i particularly had my eye on the opened Jack Daniels for fear it was getting loose. :) It settled down after a several minutes.
Tom Bruce 1
this bird has been in a hangar at old McClellan Air Base in Sacramento... have seen it making practice approaches over at Mather Field - also in Sacramento... havn't seen it in the hangar lately - because of Hockey season? Flew one from SF to Hong Kong - United Airlines - didn't have enough fuel so diverted to Taiwan for more. Pan Am used to fly into Sac Metro for training( Before simulators used exclusively) - ran a perpendicular
approach to middle or runway via non-direct beacon - then broke off to circle to land... regular comm flights used to watch nervously-- PSAs comment, "well, looks like the world's most experienced airline just had another experience"
Scott Campbell 1
No Chuck there toys.......
Chuck Me 1
Of course they're toys. But it's their money and they are free to spend it as they see fit.
acmi 1
since you posted this link which is about 2 years old now...Fry's blocked tracking ....
Tom Bruce 1
you sure they've blocked tracking? I think I tracked it at Mather last year?
acmi 1
yup...Fry's blocked it now
steve kain 1
well she did get work done in San Bernardino
Scott Campbell 0
Why indeed, but does any company really need there own aircraft. Stanley Black and Decker a fairly large worldwide corporation (tools and tools and security and....) charters everything if needed, pure numbers propaganda from aircraft manufactures,are what deem aircraft ownership a necessity. Charters yes, ownership NO !!!
Chuck Me 3
SWK is a public company with shareholders to answer to. Fry's is a private company where the owners run the place.

It's not about needing the 747. It's about being able to have one.
Randal Tuttle 2
Why do you begrudge ownership ? The owner by owning the plane creates jobs, Crew and Matainance, They need a place to keep it, so Hanger fees which helps airports stay in bussiness. You know ownership is still attained if someone leases or rents a plane, it is still owned. I dont own a plane as I cannot afford one, but if I wone that 640 million mega lotto the first purchase was going to be and airbus 320 A and was going to convert it into a home. Look at what I would have done, The 48 million would go to the Airbus manufacture that paid the employees to build it. Ect. Ownership is not a bad thing. Please dont take this as a flame, it is not, it is just another thought to consider.
JetChaser 1
Black and Decker own N323BD don't they?
oleipelt 0
Nice find, I have some rare catches on my Youtube channel "itsit100" if you want to check it out, including United 764, Sun Country, many Air Canada, and even a Swift 734. Not as rare as this one though.


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