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Flair Airlines has four aicraft seized by leasor

Flair Airlines cancels numerous flights after four of its aircraft were seized by the leasor. ( More...

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bentwing60 2
Welll, that's bad for bidness!
murray murray 1
they are not really an airline more of a charter airline , very unreliable and have left people stranded on more than 1 occasion
Tim Dyck -4
A word of warning to my American freinds…CBC cannot be trusted to tell the truth. In this case they might be truthful but that would be a rarity for this propaganda rag. Please verify this story with a dependable source.
Eric Forbes 4
The story originated with Canadian Press not the CBC. How can a broadcast entity be regarded as a rag?
Murray MacMurchy -1
Sorry but Tim is right. Please don’t listen to the CBC.
Eric Forbes 3
Hey Murray, if Tim is right and since the story originated with Canadian Press should I not trust and ignore CP stories? Other than the CBC what do you recommend? Your suggestions would be appreciated.


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