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Midair Helicopter Collision Leaves Four Dead in Australia

A helicopter collision occurring yesterday, Monday, January 2 at 4:00 a.m. GMT has left four people deceased and three injured near SeaWorld on the Gold Coast. The police have said that the investigation suggests that one helicopter was landing while the other was taking off and clipped one another less than 20 seconds after takeoff. ( More...

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Charlie Roberts 11
“Aviation in itself is not inherently dangerous. But to an even greater degree than the sea, it is terribly unforgiving of any carelessness, incapacity or neglect.” – Commonly attributed to Captain Alfred Gilmer Lamplugh, British Aviation Insurance Group.
Mike Malin 2
I have that caption and picture hanging on the wall .
Nigel Coey 5
I just dont understand why their arrival and departure paths were crossing so close to their pads? Complacency?
Alan Joy 3
I lunched (for a couple of hours) at the outdoor restaurant nearto the helipad a few months ago. I am generally not a fan (excuse the pun) of rotating wing aircraft any time, but I was uncomfortable with the intensity of this operation. More intense operation inevitably results in increased potential for things to go wrong.
Philip Taylor 3
I observed similar intensity with helicopter trips to the Grand Canyon. I wouldn’t go and sincerely hope my loved ones wouldn’t either!
John Taylor 1
As the owner of the small airport I worked at decades ago said; Helicopters don't fly. They're so ugly, the ground repels them.
Dan Boss 3
For an excellent overview from an aviation perspective, see Juan Browne's account here: (Gold Coast Helicopter Collision 2 Jan 2023)
Bab Bezat 1
Helpful explanation
Rick Polley 3
The now deceased Seaworld Chief Pilot was taking off and flew into the one landing. I would sincerely hope as the Chief pilot, that he briefed the other pilot on pattern procedures etc!
Jeff Steiner 2
Here are links to two similar but slightly different videos that highlight various aspects of the incident. To watch them, highlight the text, then right click and choose "Go to..." or "Open link".

9 News:

7 News:
John Yarno 1
Thank you for providing the links. What a tragic accident, so terrifying for all involved. Sad for the deaths.
Brian Hughes 2
Last night on the news they showed video from inside the helicopter that was landing, it showed the passenger in the rear tapping the pilot on the shoulder to alert him to the approaching helicopter n instant before the cabin was filled with debris from the impact. It was reassuring to know those in the footage survived but sobering to see how easily a mere second's distraction can lead to an incident. The full report will be needed to form any conclusive view
captjasevy 1
The passenger may have intended to alert the pilot, but tapping the pilot's right shoulder actually turned the pilot's eyes and attention away from the threat. Not blaming the passenger by any means, and who knows if it changes the outcome at all. However, in the analysis (i.e. for prevention purposes in the future) it needs to be acknowledged that the distraction by a passenger was one of the many factors in the accident.

You say you're not blaming the passenger, then go on to blame the passenger in the next sentence.

What would you have done differently? I'm asking because I don't know, and that's with the benefit of hindsight.
lynx318 1
That video has been examined already and it's theorised that the pilot couldn't see the other copter due to view of it blocked by the pillar on the left of the windscreen. This is all but a tragic accident of circumstances it seems. My concern is is there no air traffic control involved at the landing site?
Gary Fonternel 1
The vast majority of helicopter landing sites have no ATC there.
That is not a factor.
The lack of comm’s between these two pilots certainly is.
Brian Boru 1
Snap! Why weren't the two pilots talking to each other?
Chris B 4
The video of this taken from the ground is heartbreaking knowing the outcome.
Don Ridgeway 1
Tragic accident - yes, and regardless of who is at fault, don't forget that the surviving pilot is also a Casuality and has to live with this until the day he dies.
Joe Keifer 1
What happened to see and avoid? More human factors analysis is required.
Mike Malin 1
Well, I was taught on all PPC ‘s And RCR’s to say loudly . Clear to the left , clear to the right and clear above and beyond . A vary sad accident.
wayne holder 1
Was there any radio communication recordings


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