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Hartsfield-Jackson closes smoking rooms, goes smoke-free inside airport

Passengers who want to smoke while connecting between flights in Atlanta must leave the secure concourses to get to new outdoor smoking zones, then go back through security to catch their next flight. ( More...

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Mark Weiser 19
It's finally happened! The areas around those rooms were awful, if your gate was near them instant disgust. Sorry smokers but the reality sucks, it stinks, and smokers do not (by their choice) make much of an effort to keep the areas clean, so it's your own fault.
John Smythe 8
I can smell cigarette smoke from 200 feet away - makes me wanna puke.
Its about effin time

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Larry Toler 4
As a smoker it kind of sucks. But really, I could walk into a room, inhale without lighting and walk back out, I'm good. I'm not sad to see them go.
ADXbear 12
Awesome... hope LAS Follows asap.. these rooms are horrible to walk by.. but i understand how hard this is.. for years i raced to these rooms after a long 4 hour x country flight.. i get it..

Its time though, quit now or drive..
I want CNN-free airports.
MultiComm 4
There should be options. Everyone has a preference but being forced to one or the other at nearly every airport is not right. There was one airport somewhere that had two different stations playing which was nice.
I too would like a CNN FREE Airport they are so biased and some news they sensationalize. So sick of them.
I would love for the local station to be playing. You'd get a real idea of where you are.
Larry Easton 6
As long as no Fox news as well
Larry... I guess you missed that CNN & MSNBC settled the College Student/Indian Protester Case for $151M, where they had lied about the Students' SUPPOSED Racist actions. And the Fed. District Court refused to hear the NEWS Companies Appeal Motions. I have never seen a Documented Case of FOX or OAN being successfully Sued for bad Reporting. Don't try and start Liberal Talking Points here, those days are over.
Lanny Word 1
At least get your facts straight.CNN settled, not NBC or The Washington Post and there is no way you know how much it was for. So much got calling out "fake news" with actual fake news. How about you keep those, I would say conservative talking points but the republican party is no longer that, so I will say extremist talking points outta here too. That's not what this group is about.
WhiteKnight77 1
Except he was a high school student. The amount settled for will probably be unknown as well due to confidentiality clauses., but at least CNN is paying. What ever happening to just reporting the news instead of being the news?
Don Quixote 3
Agreed 100%
Who? Oh!!! I remember, that channel. May as well play MTV 90 videos, just as germane to society. And, only for tools.
lyn williams 1
Something wrong with VIDEO and 'Music' FREE AIRPORTS?
Just turn that crap off and pay attention to your surroundings.
matt jensen 6
What's taken them sooooo long? In Anchorage - 1986 if you wanted to puff you had to go outside.
scott8733 3
Personally I'm not a smoker either, but I'd rather have drunk & snore-free A/C than smoke-free airports.
Don Quixote 8
Now, next step is to turn off that god awful CNN coverage that no one looks up at.

Much obliged!
Larry Easton -1
As long as they don't put Fox on the screens. Actually a lot of people look up at them, just not constantly. And between cell phone use.
In our ED tons of people look at the TV as well...then they look away. But, at least we only have GameShow network on (and yet some are still offended by the content)
In Asia there are NO TV's in Airports.. Thank GOD for not ADDING to the NOISE level anymore!
Try OAN. In their 4 years not one time did I see them take a side that was proven to be bias. Not like Shepard Smith or Juan Williams, that get dis-proven within minutes of making a False Comment
Ray Chung 2
Will Hotch 2
How about this? Build outdoor ramp/runway viewing areas that permit smoking? This way those of us pilots who enjoy watching the ops can get our fix and the smokers are outside.
I can not recall what one, one of the larger US airports re-opened a "Pre" (worthless) TSA viewing area outdoors for folks without tickets to enjoy the scenery. Short of that, it is Maho Beach.
Got to put 2 cents in... My Wife and I just returned from 6 weeks in Asia on Vacation. Of the total of 13 Flights we were on while on the trip, the 9 Asian Airport Flights were a blessing. Not one time did we have an ISSUE with ANY Security or Personnel, IN or OUT BOUND. BUT.. The 4 Flights that either began or ended in the USA.. JESUS CHRIST would have been TESTED on these "Security Screens" and Gate Issues!! DFW last night took us 3 HOURS to get through INBOUND Customs, and the line was OUT THE DOOR still waiting. Had our Booking Agent not called the Gate for us we would have missed the LAST FLIGHT out to or Local Airport, and that was with us arriving 3+ hours BEFORE from Hong Kong. But because we are REGULAR FLYERS he worked a deal with AA to have the Aircraft wait 32 minutes for us, after being on a 12,200 mile total of 4 Flights to get home. I can see why MANY World Carriers are dropping Flights in/out of the USA. JAL dropped the DFW to Narita vv, you have to use AA to get to Narita now.
How does LAS, IAD, & BNA not have smoke free airport policies?
Why did it take way too many years for ATL to become smoke free?
M. R. -4
It’s in a totally glass enclosed room in terminal 1 ( LAS ) you can’t even smell the disgusting smoke. Anyone who says that it’s bothersome is a complainer, lier and just stirring the pot. I don’t smoke and I’m there 3-4 times a month, literally it’s not an issue. Ridiculous. It’s well ventilated and most people don’t even notice it..

I stay out of casinos due to smoke but this is a non issue. Wow
I gag when walking by many smokers in airports. Some people, it smells like they smoked a whole carton before they got to the airport. It's gross, disgusting...
Mark Weiser -3
M.R. you must be from California! Avoid reality at all costs...the only way you could make that statement is if you are a smoker that feels the rest of us are bothering you! It's about time, don't you think you should just quit? I did, so have millions of others
M. R. 1
You response is false on every count
Mark Weiser -1
Maybe as it pertains to you personally, but in the general sense its the way people that smoke act. If you choose to defend them and their dirty habit, that's your right, as it is mine to tell you when you're wrong.
bentwing60 2
Maybe without the adamant "you're wrong", folks like me wouldn't be loadin up on SW's, Glocks, and AR15's. After all, you said, that's your right!
Mark Weiser 0
You are 100% on the nose, you're correct! I do wonder where the line is then? When does a persons "right" to a behavior start to infringe on those around them? In my case I am very tolerant until I can't take a breath without smelling that smell Robert said it well
patrick baker 1
just because i despise what smoking does to its addicts, in terms of purchase costs and the physical and mental destruction it wreaks, still this stunt at the atlanta airport looks very much like a childish scold from the all-knowing folks at I- told- you-. the smug-meisters . I hate smoking and i will never go into one of those rooms, and will pity those who do. I would rather not give them more reasons to feel as outcasts, having to go through the TSA conga line again.
Greg S 2
Again, nicotine is available in multiple forms that do not require smoking. Smokers need nicotine, not smoke. That exactly what most smokers do once they get to the airport.
Aruna Marathe 1
A commendable decision. Bravo!!!
Simple solution: open "Pay for Puffs" rooms. Private enterprise to the rescuue.

The Atlanta airport has never seen a source of revenue it does not like!
WhiteKnight77 1
Finally. I always hated walking by those rooms. I could smell them 100' away. This will do much for indoor air quality around where those rooms where. I wonder how long it will take them to clean up everything above the ceiling tiles before they rent that space out?
paulCIA 1
Honestly, even as a smoker who's already had cancer once and not going to let that stop me, these things were a bit much, read filthy and disgusting. You'd come out smelling like smoke even if you hadn't had one. You've already waited that long, you can wait a few more minutes to get outside. And if you need to catch a connecting flight, better get that PreCheck. Best $85 I ever spent in my life, swear to God.
paulCIA 5
Also maybe off topic but I fully agree, smokers have a really unfortunate tendency of being excessively rude to everyone else while partaking in our curious pastime. I never, ever put cigarette butts anywhere but in a trash can, maybe a NYC storm drain at worst if it's like 20 degrees outside and there's not a trash can for half an avenue.
I'd like to see people have a little more common decency and respect for your city than to litter your trash everywhere please even if it is a small piece of trash it adds up and there's enough trash lying around as it is. Unlike SF there are actually trash cans everywhere so you don't have an excuse, much like urinating in the street in midtown when every block has a hotel with a public bathroom in the lobby, and probably the cleanest one with the nicest marbled sinks you've seen in your life. In SF it's like what are you gonna do....
WhiteKnight77 1
Dropping cigarette butts in storm drains is not a good idea. That is why many places have flooding issues during hard rains. All the trash that people do not throw out gets caught in them and plug them up so water cannot flow. The fact that they do not decompose makes it even worse.
patrick baker 0
i don't want to discuss smoker's rights. I will discuss smoker's needs: they are addicted persons who are compelled by their bodies to reload, so-to-speak with the next dose of nicotine. Our disapproval of that does not permit us to deny them what they need to maintain comfort and control their reactions.
Greg S 6
Nicotine is available in multiple forms that do not require combustion. Smokers need nicotine, not smoke.
Mark Weiser 3
This is about the dumbest comment I have ever heard anywhere, so then the same would be true of habitual speeders, sex offenders, crack and heroin addicts, god forbid we upset you or their delicate sensibilities. This is an entirely relevant comment here - if you ever rode in a "smoking" airplane you would feel differently.

Grow up and smell what you're shoveling!
We just returned (yesterday evening) from 6 weeks Vacation in 4 Asian Countries. The Airport Facilities in Asia put those in the USA to shame! One of our Party is in wheel chair. At DFW going out and coming back in USA, it too us 30 minutes+ to even FIND a wheelchair & Valet, and she wanted $20 just to push the wheel chair (we had to deal with our own Bags. And they asked what we were PAYING before even touching the wheel chair. In Narita, Japan, Singapore, Manila & Hong Kong there were wheel chair Valets at every Gate! In Manila the TOTAL COST for a wheel chair & Bags Valet $4.00 (P200) who ALSO took care of our 4 BIG Check Bags and 4 Personal Bags Gate to Taxi to Gate in and out. And in Singapore, Hong Kong & Narita we had to make the Valets take a $10.00 tip. Every Door and even going through Security and Customs in Asia, they did all the lifting of our 4- 50 pound Bags. Taxi for the 1 hour ride from Manila to our Residence in Metro Manila cost $20 (P1,000). In DFW it cost us $50 to go 4 from the Airport to Friends house to retrieve our Pickup. And he did not want to do it for that, but because we were slow with the wheel chair there were no others at the Taxi Stop at that time. And at DFW it smelled like an ASTRAY all over the "C" Gates, because of the 2 "Smoking Areas" on the Concourse. All the Asian Airports we were in, there are "NO SMOKING IN & AROUND THIS FACILITY" signs posted from even the curbs. Don't get me started about finding/using a CR (Restroom), Gate Agents or Information Counter in USA Airports! That is my 2 cents, as a Retired USA Commercial Pilot. Things have SURE GONE DOWNHILL at USA Airports, since I was Flying in the 1980's.
MultiComm 1
I don’t doubt this experience at all but keep in mind that tipping is often seen as rude in many countries. Much of the airport labor force is seen as a high class job and they are paid well (even for the wheelchair valets).

The labor force in America as I am sure you are aware is very lazy. You could say it is because they are not paid well but in the house I was raised the quality of the work governed the pay in exchange and not the other way around ... no way would I demand higher pay before I decided to provide my very best work ethic.
(Apologies for the tangent)
Well done ATL!

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Kyle Griffin 9
With that logic then, this will allow both smokers and non-smokers to live and let live. It's just that the smokers have to do it outside of the confinements of the concourse, so the non-smokers are not impacted by the smoke.

Very simple.
Tim Rauwald 6
Have you ever sat next to a human ashtray on a flight? Try ATL to LAX? It’s disgusting. No where to go and they just spent time in one of those rooms ready to create a miserable environment on a flight.
Mark Weiser -6
Renaldo, clearly a leftist liberal, anyone can do whatever they want, right? There are lots of easy to obtain safe remedies for the anxious fliers, concern for addition, a chosen one at that, falls far short of "smokers right" Don't forget in the USA MAJORITY RULES, the MAJORITY said NO SMOKING, love it or leave it, don't forget to take your friends with you! Adios!
M. R. 4
Bringing politics into this lol
Mike Dryden 3
Slightly ironic, given it tends to be the right that is all about freedom to act as you choose, freedom from regulation blah blah blah.


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