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Nice shot of Grumman Gulfstream 3 November Four Two Foxtrot Lima with her hush kitted RR Spey turbofans.

Written on 20/11/2019 by CHRIS ROBEY

For me, it's the most beautiful plane ever built. Nice photo.

Written on 20/11/2019 by Gus Valdivieso


Location: Ashville, AL
Accident Number: ERA18FA118
Date & Time: 03/28/2018, 1223 CDT
Registration: N3167C
Aircraft: CESSNA R182
Aircraft Damage:Destroyed
Defining Event: Controlled flight into terr/obj (CFIT)
Injuries: 1 Fatal
Flight Conducted Under: Part 91: General Aviation - Personal

Written on 19/11/2019 by gretnabear

Yes I enjoy taking pics of the jets that pass over and enjoy posting them. Hope you had a good day.

Written on 19/11/2019 by Chris Collinsworth

Hey Chris, why do you upload this kind of photos to FA when you know they are going to get a 1*? Do you in enjoy it? I do not understand.

Written on 19/11/2019 by Joan Williams

This was refueling another KC-46 today over Southeast Kansas.

Written on 19/11/2019 by Chris Collinsworth

Great Shot and wonderful plane !

Written on 19/11/2019 by Bartolomeo Gorgoglione


There are not enough photos of aircraft in hangars like that N879UP. Great lighting and such a clean environment. As far as this post that has been UP almost a month now has not stopped getting the views. It is just a King Air parked outside of the terminal. That's OK, I post more photo's than RIP after a couple dozen views that have a whole lot more life to it.
Take care............

Written on 19/11/2019 by warmwynds

Hi Rich

Wanted to get more and better shots of 879, but didn’t have time to do so. Thanks for the nice comment! Hoosier cheers:-)


Written on 19/11/2019 by C.W. Reed

unique view creates an interesting picture :)

Written on 19/11/2019 by a mentor

nice photo of this rare plane!

Written on 19/11/2019 by Sundar Carey

Beautiful colors. Amazing light. Wow!

Written on 19/11/2019 by BigAlOutWest

This aircraft was purchased by the Aviation Heritage Center of Wisconsin, Sheboygan, WI in 2016, I was flown to the Sheboygan County Memorial Airport on 10/4/19 where it will be restored and painted in North Central Airlines colors. This aircraft flew with North Central from 1954 thru 1968,

Written on 19/11/2019 by Randy Krentz

Patrick: One word. "WOW!"

Written on 19/11/2019 by Jim Quinn


Written on 19/11/2019 by warner ogden

Are those Legos on the side?

Written on 19/11/2019 by warner ogden

Great photo by the way, Ive been trying to get a good shot of it, but haven't yet.

Written on 19/11/2019 by warner ogden

If you think it looks good, then you should hear it! I live and work near KBED and those low bypass engines have an unmistakable high pitched scream you just down hear anymore. If it weren't being used under military contract it couldn't be flown in the US because it is too loud. They don't currently fly it anywhere near MTOW, so it's not deafening, but if they did it would shake your house.

Written on 19/11/2019 by warner ogden

That's Tu-22M, not Tu-22 - an entirely different airplane, but there's no special ID for it in FlightAware's DB.

Written on 19/11/2019 by Alexandr Molyavko

Lovely shot - but why no caption?

Written on 19/11/2019 by Mark Harris

And the Brits call it a Catalina - after Santa Catalina Island, California.

Written on 19/11/2019 by Mark Harris

Brilliant photo - but a caption would have been nice!

Written on 19/11/2019 by Mark Harris


Nice to have that kind of access. UP close and personal.
Not much action here lately with UP and TMC.

Written on 19/11/2019 by warmwynds

Amusing to see an old Convair turbine conversion painted as an Albatross.

Written on 19/11/2019 by Paul Wisgerhof

"final landing" indicates it is going on display at Hartsfield? Currently licensed as "restricted - agriculture/pest control" so it was used as an aerial spray plane.

Written on 19/11/2019 by Paul Wisgerhof

Delete photo.

Written on 19/11/2019 by Lee Norberg

Great shot, Ron!!

Written on 18/11/2019 by James Kelly

Nice, looks like an air-to-air shot!

Written on 18/11/2019 by James Kelly

I believe this plane was their prototype. I saw the same plane at Oshkosh Airventure two or three years in a row until they ceased production. The tail number, I believe was 500 for the model number and then AX stood for Adam Experimental. Correct me if I’m wrong. Also, if I remember right, it was the first all composite construction. Oshkosh also had cut-away sections of the fuselage showing the composite construction.

Written on 18/11/2019 by Kenneth Rehder

Credit to 3rdLevelblog

Written on 18/11/2019 by Tim Gorman

amazing cs on this oldie!

Written on 18/11/2019 by Anton1


Written on 18/11/2019 by STEVEN FIELD


Written on 18/11/2019 by Kathryn Jakabcin

Good catch @Francisco; while it's logged as P-51D,
clearly it's a B or C model of the mustang.

Apparently his first was the B model

The Original P-51B Old Crow

Here’s photos of the original P-51B Old Crow that pilot Capt. Clarence E. ‘Bud’ Anderson’s flew the summer of 1944 with the 357th Fighter Group. An image of the decal modeling profile is also shown. Jack’s plane was painted without the D-Day Invasion Stripes.

Written on 18/11/2019 by a mentor

Value of this aircraft is large cube cargo, not weight capacity. I was a Loadmaster on a Douglas C-133 in 1958 that had a max wartime weight of 100,000 pounds.

Written on 18/11/2019 by Pat Leeds


Written on 18/11/2019 by sanmit

freezo bandito

Written on 18/11/2019 by bruce wilkie

The Datsun B210 is probably still on the road too! The Torinos? Meh! Probably NOT!!:]


Written on 18/11/2019 by C.W. Reed

Hi, I understand that this old crow is the Mustang P-51B version.

Written on 18/11/2019 by Francisco Lugo

load capacity is believed around 50 tons

Written on 18/11/2019 by 启 王

Regardless, a beautiful aero design.

Written on 18/11/2019 by jahamley

Carl-Otto : Because it belongs to Virgin Atlantic. I don't quite understand your question.

Written on 18/11/2019 by Viv Pike

Top Shot....THX

Written on 18/11/2019 by Rainer Linder

I've never seen one before in what looks like a low level mission camouflage. But on the other hand, if this is just a shot taken pre Delivery, then I'm amazed that they are still building the a/c. And not because the TU-22 is necessarily outdated, but more that Russia is broke. The Backfire is about half the MTOW of the B1B Lancer.

Written on 18/11/2019 by CHRIS ROBEY

Mil Mi-8MT. RA-25577

Written on 18/11/2019 by Stanislav Voevodin

I have to calculate how long can an airplane err in the Swiss airspace to be interecepted

Written on 18/11/2019 by greg presley

I realised how big were the modern planes compared to the old ones when I saw an A-10 next to a B-25 ... roughly same size.

Written on 18/11/2019 by greg presley

Interesting shot. Looks to still be in pre-delivery green.

Written on 18/11/2019 by Paul Wisgerhof

The interwebs indicate this bird last flew on 4Oct19 to KMZJ, allegedly for a "C-check", apparently an in-depth inspection/service. Most recently owned by some people from Quatar, now in transition to a new owner w/tail number N7477S.

And, yeah... Datsun B210 hatch, looks like.

Written on 18/11/2019 by john doe

Beautiful! That is my favorite livery on that aircraft.

Written on 17/11/2019 by Luke Bettis


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