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Unless of course, FA is accessing the GPS data in the photo to select the nearest 'airport'. I was standing closer to the Rockhampton Hospital than to the Rockhampton Airport, but that 737 certainly didn't take off from the Hospital Helipad.

Written on 19/04/2021 by Steve Vit

It seems we have a problem with the airport codes in FA. I've entered and saved YBRK numerous times only for it to revert to YXRK. Got a database glitch?

Written on 19/04/2021 by Steve Vit

Nice photo of my plane at KOSH, but it is an RV14A, not a 7.

Written on 18/04/2021 by Bob Meyers

Nice shot Derek!

Written on 18/04/2021 by Will F

what a lovely aircraft

Written on 18/04/2021 by William O

Great photo mate !

Written on 18/04/2021 by William O

Muchas Gracias amigo Lonnie Penner


Written on 18/04/2021 by Manuel EstevezR

@ C.W. Reed
@ Kobe Hunte
Thank you guys!!!

Written on 18/04/2021 by daniel jef

Thanks for the CAG bird, as promised, and a fantastic shot too! 5*X5* !!! Excellent.

Written on 18/04/2021 by Dave Sheehy

Saw this beauty land at KCGC Crystal River, FL this morning, April 18, 2021. Even prettier in person.

Written on 18/04/2021 by Tori Warden

If any FA viewer knows YN2 Voce and knows how to contact her, have her send an e/m to and I will send several photos of this Growler with her name easily readable on it to her.

Written on 18/04/2021 by Gary Schenauer

CONGRATULATIONS GARY!! Hope it fits your dreams and location preferences. You've been a principle IMO here at FA for a long time and if your postings disappear, it will be a sad day for FlightAware. Godspeed Gary Schenauer

Written on 18/04/2021 by a mentor

Couldn't help but notice the props are all dressed and squared away to the 10, 2 and 6 o'clock position. Crew chiefs that took the time to do this had a lot of pride in the appearance of their aircraft, especially on the flight line.

Written on 18/04/2021 by iffmode4


Written on 18/04/2021 by Tenschu

I snapped her at Wynyard the same day as well. Was operating a tourist charter. Melbourne - Finders Island - Wynyard - King Island - Melbourne.

Written on 18/04/2021 by Paul Corfiatis

first flight 1952, last ship built 1993, and still flying - great!

Written on 18/04/2021 by stratrevival

Great photo and aeroplane.

Written on 18/04/2021 by pat prendergast

Thank you very much fort the photo. I was the pilot of this ferry flight.
Happy Landings,
Capt. Guido

Written on 18/04/2021 by Guido Warnecke

Nice research jesse!

Written on 18/04/2021 by CHRIS ROBEY

Bob, thank you.

Written on 18/04/2021 by Kurt Finger

MIT/Lincoln Labs bird based out of Hanscom

Written on 18/04/2021 by mvwflyer

Go Cougs!

Written on 18/04/2021 by JCHaggen

Wrong, I remember going in 92 or 93 when I was in the Civil Air Patrol while in high school. To help with the crowds. It was after the 1st gulf war (Desert Strom/Desert Shield). They had them in late October or early November. Because we stop going to the Air Force airshows down at the Homestead Air Force Base because of hurricane Andrew. The Air Force would do an airshow around April. We'd have 2 airshows in the Miami area. And my dad would take me to both of them. His love of aviation started in the Marines island hoping in the Pacific. Then to Miami in the mid 50's. Then Eastern Airlines in the Mid 70's. Which it transferred to me to follow in the same footsteps.

Written on 18/04/2021 by William L. Pickett Jr.

This is funny:

Written on 17/04/2021 by Bill Phillips

The impression the H-53 is so close to the tail of the 130 is an optical illusion. The helicopter is on the far side of the plane. The drogue is deployed from the right side wing-tank and the probe on the 53 is Left of the centerline. In no way diminishing the flying skills these folks are demonstrating, what you are seeing is not quite as hairy as it may appear. I also suspect the picture was taken with a long lens which further foreshortens the perspective. Remember that is one monster big helicopter and it is on the far side of the Herc.

Written on 17/04/2021 by skylab72

Good luck Gary. I have been employed in aviation for 40+ years and its always been more like a daily dose of adventure than a job :)

Written on 17/04/2021 by Dave Sheehy

Howdy, Dave. TY for the *. Will post the CAG's "Vader" bird. And "Guess what?" I was offered a job yesterday. For a well known aviation company. But one huge problem. I MUST agree to be paid. I told them I don't accept pay for my photos and they said then I don't get the job. PERIOD. NO IFS, ANDS, or BUTS. And their offer is, ah, well, let's just say, I made 'em repeat it just to be sure I wasn't hallucinating. Dave, I always said I'm an amateur who does not and will not accept $ for my photos, but GEEEESH!! This isn't chicken feed they're offering. And it's not just the pay. I've always felt super fortunate to have the access to the numerous airports and air bases that I have around here. I have 'contacts' up the Wazzoo. But if I take this, I'll have 20-25 times as much access ... and more "contacts" ... across the country. I've got a short window of time to consider and either go Yea or Nay. But no matter which way I go, I am 1000% certain I owe my Thanks for this dazzling opportunity to a couple of super excellent guys at FlightAware who supported me, taught me, and encouraged me way back a dozen years ago when I first joined and submitted my first photos. And I also owe an equal amount of gratitude to the many friends I've made here (FAR too many to individually name at this moment) who have been my ultra-most-loyal viewers, encouragers, and followers. Without FA, and without the awesome friends I've made here, this would NOT have happened. So, those of you who have e/mail connections with me will hear more, but for the many, many of you who I can only talk to via this Comment, I simply cannot express how very, very appreciative I am to have such fabulous friends. Four years ago, when I was invited to be a photographer on the RNO ramp with the international media when AF One arrived, I believed there would never again be anything as wonderful for me as that momentous opportunity. But I never saw THIS coming. And here's the BEST part. Before I discovered FA, I was all hell-bent on getting my pics into JP. The snobs at JP rejected my submissions - 50 of them - without once ever offering any truly sincere suggestion(s) on what I needed to do to make my photos acceptable to their panel of professionally superior photographers. So I joined FA. And, as I stated above, I was supported, encouraged, and taught by the FA person who was a screener back then. As it turns out, if my pics had been accepted by JP, I'd never have joined FA ... and I'd never have gotten this chance.

Written on 17/04/2021 by Gary Schenauer

With the sun rising earlier and the daytime temps going higher every day, the heat coming up from the open airport grounds makes getting undistorted long-range shots somewhat more difficult. So I just move closer.

Written on 17/04/2021 by Gary Schenauer

5* Gary and looking forward to seeing the CAG bird.

Written on 17/04/2021 by Dave Sheehy

Had the pleasure of examining one of these up close at an airshow. Stood underneath in a very slight rain. This was years ago. Not likely to get a chance like that these days.

Written on 17/04/2021 by Dennis Surek

hot and heavy!

Written on 17/04/2021 by Cole Neill

@Samuel Bixler no, From photo guidelines “Please do not upload photos that you do not own (e.g., work belonging to someone else or that you found on the Internet”

Written on 17/04/2021 by Bob Smith

Darth Vader is depicted on the tail. The squadron's CAG colorbird aircraft (#500) has Darth in white and shades of gray on a black background. Will post.

Written on 17/04/2021 by Gary Schenauer

Charlie Gulf

Written on 17/04/2021 by Joseph Edwards


Written on 17/04/2021 by Felix Adex


Written on 17/04/2021 by Felix Adex

N62382 is a 1940 NORTH AMERICAN SNJ-2

Written on 17/04/2021 by jesse kyzer

N8358N, 1968 Beech V35A Bonanza

Written on 17/04/2021 by jesse kyzer


Written on 17/04/2021 by jesse kyzer

nice art and fantastic flying. they are on the exact same attitude and heading

Written on 17/04/2021 by Glenn Mottley

N9096Q - 2005 Promaks M-12

Written on 17/04/2021 by jesse kyzer

Written on 17/04/2021 by jesse kyzer

Great photo

Written on 17/04/2021 by Bob Smith


Written on 17/04/2021 by Bob Smith

pretty close I'd say Gman

Written on 17/04/2021 by Tom Vance

You are correct Gman,,,,Great sun angle from the top and no fog - 5x,

Written on 17/04/2021 by Tom Vance

Poster/Calendar pic..!!! New airline Avelo?? starts RDD in May 20 2021...maybe I'll get something cool like this,,,Avelo shows 737 service at Redding 3x daily??

Written on 17/04/2021 by Tom Vance

Very cool Poster picture here....I saw the jet in 2000? at SJC and videotaped it's departure... it's still flying? wow

Written on 17/04/2021 by Tom Vance

I still don't know how you got your own Casino Resort. LOL! 5x

Written on 17/04/2021 by Tom Vance

Great angle I think I rode N828AW SMF-PHX awhile back - before American....5x

Written on 17/04/2021 by Tom Vance


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