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That's a nice shot of a North American T-28B, Trojan, Michael! You might want to change the Aircraft Type code to: T28. That's the ICAO code for a Trojan.

Written on 28/07/2021 by Greg Byington

looking for this aircraft, anybody? please

Written on 28/07/2021 by bob reid

Well....He walked away from it !

Written on 28/07/2021 by James Wisely

Great perspective. I was in Boeing Plaza in 2019 when UPS took a new (at that time) 747-8 to KOSH. Walking up behind and under and around that AC is an amzazing experience.

Written on 28/07/2021 by Tom Glass

I think you should contact the owner of the photo, as this was taken from a video on YouTube.

Written on 28/07/2021 by Mark Krawiec

Now there is a shot you don't get to get every day. Nice job Franz!

Written on 28/07/2021 by John Giambone

For those of you wondering, Muhammad Ali International [KSDF] is the Louisville, KY airport and the main U.S. hub of UPS.

Written on 28/07/2021 by Paul Wisgerhof


Written on 28/07/2021 by godutch

Beautiful Shot King!

Written on 28/07/2021 by John Giambone

Nice shot!

Written on 28/07/2021 by wavebuff

Beautiful Shot Ryan! Well Done!

Written on 28/07/2021 by John Giambone

and she's a B-model

Written on 28/07/2021 by Charlie Roberts


Written on 28/07/2021 by warmwynds


Written on 28/07/2021 by warmwynds


Written on 28/07/2021 by warmwynds

nice shot

Written on 28/07/2021 by Bonface Muasya

The tail number of this aircraft is clearly N32B and is NOT N32PB.

Written on 28/07/2021 by 10and250

The tail number of this aircraft is clearly N32B and is NOT N32PB.

Written on 28/07/2021 by 10and250

Thomas, as Guy Vincent pointed out, it's a Boeing/Jones Model 75 Stearman.

Written on 28/07/2021 by James Wisely

Wow, that thing needs a repaint, and a refund on the existing one. Must fly through hail storms a lot.

Written on 27/07/2021 by John Giambone

Yes! Less than a month old.

Written on 27/07/2021 by Chris Leipelt

Not at all. The MU-2 had a high wing. and if someone told me that was a recycled Mooney design with a T-tail I would likely buy it. (The story, can't afford the plane... :{ )

Written on 27/07/2021 by skylab72

Pilot be lookin at me haha

Written on 27/07/2021 by Jaecob Branom

Newest aircraft in UPS fleet!

Written on 27/07/2021 by Brilliant Bill

Missed it. It’s Poland’s president aircraft

Written on 27/07/2021 by Mariusz Sasiela

Nicely done

Written on 27/07/2021 by daniel jef

A stroke of luck to catch the celestial "fireworks" on the fourth of July!

Written on 27/07/2021 by Steve Askey

' the classic look of 4-engine...

Written on 27/07/2021 by jim trifon

Wow! Great catch!

Written on 27/07/2021 by Tom Heaverlo

If I'm not mistaken I believe this aircraft is the subject of an upcoming episode of 'Plane Resurrection'.

Written on 27/07/2021 by Mark Harris

Very Artful!

Written on 27/07/2021 by Diana Rose

Great shot. All alone in the grass.

Written on 27/07/2021 by Tom Glass

My favourite aircraft of all time.
The first aircraft I worked on, in South Africa. You had to keep a good eye on your sockets or they would roll aft. Ha.
A great photograph. Thank you.
Mel J.

Written on 27/07/2021 by melvyn jamieson

the Red Baron!

Written on 27/07/2021 by 96flstc

I remember many years ago being a regular passenger in the UK WHEN I did a month on month off in the Marine Seismic Industry.
They are perfect for small cargo flights why make a tube for square objects.
A larger one for Amazons parcels to small airports.
Mel. J.

Written on 27/07/2021 by melvyn jamieson

This is a single engine Piper Saratoga (PA32), not a twin engine Piper Seneca (PA34).

Written on 27/07/2021 by 10and250

The plane is so cute.
A big nose and a large head.
Very cute, a good photo!

Written on 27/07/2021 by lai_ ivan

One happy owner,then...congratulations!

Written on 26/07/2021 by Manuel E. Silva

Beautiful Cessna 120. Very nice.

Written on 26/07/2021 by ACFTTECH8

Bonus points for catching a sponsor of the site.

Written on 26/07/2021 by ACFTTECH8

that looks like my plane! lol

Written on 26/07/2021 by siaokao

@ JM32 Thank you much!!!

Written on 26/07/2021 by daniel jef

is dit een Antonov T2

Written on 26/07/2021 by Thomas Ploegers

At a first glimpse looks a poor image, but that's actually amazing !!

Written on 26/07/2021 by Bartolomeo Gorgoglione

Thanks Bob.

Written on 26/07/2021 by James Wisely


Written on 26/07/2021 by John Giambone

Very Cool catch zfwaviation!

Written on 26/07/2021 by John Giambone

I was lucky enough to be in Deluth a few years ago and get to do a short tour of this airplane. and you are correct, what a sound these engines make. He made a flyby and put goosebumps on my arms!! (under several layers of clothing)

Written on 26/07/2021 by royalbfh

I'm surprised that this is the aircraft the US Air Force uses for an 11-hour flight over water.
They've flown this twice so it wasn't a ferry flight.

Written on 26/07/2021 by Ed Boock


Written on 26/07/2021 by bob reeves


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