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Nice capture rwb!

Written on 16/07/2019 by mike prendergast

You might enjoy the book CANDY BOMBER: The Story of the Berlin Airlift's Chocolate Pilot
By Michael O. Tunnell

Written on 16/07/2019 by Marty Nemes

I was 17 years old on the day I flew to NYC from Buffalo in order to do some aviation photography. I had two Kodak cameras that day: the Bullseye and a Brownie. I also had a Bell & Howell 8mm movie camera (silent). All three cameras were hanging from my neck so by the time my one-day trip from Buffalo to New York City and then back to Buffalo was finished, I had a very sore neck. lol Flew out of Buffalo on Mohawk to Newark early one morning, did photos and movies at Newark until noon; then took a bus from Newark to Manhattan and another from Manhattan to Kennedy, did photos and movies at Kennedy all afternoon, and then flew out of Kennedy on Mohawk back to Buffalo in the evening. It was a very busy day, but it was waaaay worth it. Then the very next day, I flew from Buffalo to Boston, spent the day at Logan, and flew back to Buffalo that evening. And the total round trip air fare for BOTH days of flights was ..... $25.00. TOTAL! For two days of roundtrip flights. Man, do I miss THOSE days!

Written on 16/07/2019 by Gary Schenauer

Good catch and timing. 5 stars

Written on 16/07/2019 by Chris Collinsworth

Is that Comic Sans for a font on the plane?

Written on 16/07/2019 by stacey gordon


This rotorcraft was on the news today showing them lifting/installing a 10,000-pound television tower/antenna. Cool!

Written on 16/07/2019 by warmwynds

I am not defending the legitimacy of this photo but google images KC135 tankers have similar illusions like the engine spacing and loss of wing. If I was a photo editing those accompanying fighter jets I would not have made them so perfectly aligned. The recent overwhelming amount of military photos is out of control on this site.

Written on 16/07/2019 by warmwynds

I see a lot of negative comments from people who obviously were not there (otherwise you would have seen this for yourself and could have taken an identical image). I'm doubtful if one or two of you are even photographers. This was at the recent Fort Wayne airshow. The A-10s are from the 122 FW based at FWA (Battle Creek hasn't had A-10s for MANY years; they're an RPV base now, as I understand) and the KC-135 from Grissom Air Reserve Base. There's no Photoshop action here other than minor adjustments. Regarding the KC-135s wings, keep in mind that Boeing wings flex upward SUBSTANTIALLY in flight. Thus, the perspective on the two wings is quite different. From one side of the airplane, the near wing, being viewed from much nearer to a perpendicular angle, will naturally look a lot longer than the far wing. Also, since the engines hang BELOW the wing, that perspective will make the far wing outboard of the engines look much shorter. The far engines will also appear closer together for the same reason. And, naturally, the reflections on all of the A-10s will be similar...they're all at the same angle to the sun! I also think that shooting upward into an overhead sun counts as shooting into the sun!

Written on 16/07/2019 by rdosh

Written on 16/07/2019 by Preston Ferguson

Thanks, my friend!

Written on 16/07/2019 by manuel silva

Walton Stinson... the homes adjacent to this airport appear to be those by MS96 - Barrett Field Airport... and not KMPE - Philadelphia Muni. Looks like "Airpark" to me!!!

Written on 16/07/2019 by cliff731

@Jesse Kyzer: Thanks! It was great to see it out.

Written on 16/07/2019 by Cbro4

My first airplane ride was aboard a United Viscount out of Dayton, Ohio headed to Chicago. Flight was diverted to St. Louis when weather prohibited us landing in Chicago. Spent the night in St. Louis, on to Chicago in the morning. I can't remember the year - sometime in the early 1960's. I was probably still single digits age wise. Quite a thrill when that plane took off. Thanks for the memories!

Written on 16/07/2019 by bbryan26

nice looking plane!

Written on 15/07/2019 by Jackson Hallman

If I'm not mistaken that's a SkyBeacon on the port wingtip - she's all ready for 2020!

Written on 15/07/2019 by Robert Swanland

Great shot! Love how crisp & clear it is!

Written on 15/07/2019 by Beck Ramsey

Brings me back to my "Ramper" days! Those of us on the night shift performed a full clean on the RON aircraft...including dumping lav tanks! Yay!!

Written on 15/07/2019 by C.W. Reed

Que bicho!!!!

Written on 15/07/2019 by Anabela Simões

Boa foto. Parece que tem o focinho, no rabo!!!

Written on 15/07/2019 by Anabela Simões


Written on 15/07/2019 by Anabela Simões


Written on 15/07/2019 by Anabela Simões


Written on 15/07/2019 by Anabela Simões


Written on 15/07/2019 by Anabela Simões


Written on 15/07/2019 by Anabela Simões


Written on 15/07/2019 by Anabela Simões


I think Erickson purchased the tooling and rights from Sikorsky and still produce parts for them to keep them going!Thanks again for posting!

Written on 15/07/2019 by C.W. Reed


Written on 15/07/2019 by sam kennedy


Thanks again on the comment. That was a bonus as I was walking back to the car to leave when I heard this very loud sound and Luckily was in a reasonable shooting location. This is the kind of chopper that lifts those very large and tall transmission line towers among other things.

Written on 15/07/2019 by warmwynds

Still in service! FedEx N360FE. Cheers!

Written on 15/07/2019 by C.W. Reed

@Diana Rose: yes :-)

Written on 15/07/2019 by Christoph Plank

@Chris Partin: he is Czech ;-)

Written on 15/07/2019 by Christoph Plank

Great catch on that SkyCrane. There was one at KEKM last summer, but I didn't have a proper camera. Cheers!!

Written on 15/07/2019 by C.W. Reed

I witnessed this bird performing numerous touch and go's at KSMF during flight testing around 1988 or so! Tempus Fugit!!

Written on 15/07/2019 by C.W. Reed

Ya great shot Brian. Intersesting info John G. Long live the MD-11.

Written on 15/07/2019 by Lonnie Penner

Mr. Kennington, the Bellancas, all through the Viking series were all fabricated in a similar manner. The fuselage and tail were fabric covered steel tube truss and the wings were bonded wood with cold molded wood vineers. This construction method has a lot going for it, protected from the elements it will last indefinitely. Wood had no fatigue life, steel virtually as well. The steel tube truss has an excellent energy absorbing capability, so much so that Mooney added a steel tube cage around the passenger cabin of their offerings. Being fabric covered makes major overhauls practical as all the wearing control bearings completely accessible.

The major drawbacks are that like all fabric, sun and weather will accelerate deterioration and the construction is very highly skilled touch labor intensive. The second make them very expensive.

The Bellanca Cruiseair I flew was a delightful machine to fly. Not an idle comment as I had just climbed out of a Globe Swift. The manual gear actuation is certainly quirky, but both reliable and ergonomically easy to operate. Certainly easier than the manual gear Mooneys. On grass anyway, it would nearly land itself.

Written on 15/07/2019 by Jared Smith


Written on 15/07/2019 by PerryL

Nice Shot Scot. First MD-11 built. The prototype. Amazing she is still flying when so many younger ones have already been parted out.

Written on 15/07/2019 by John Giambone

Great shot. Just in case you did not already know, this was the first MD-11 built, Line #1. Served as the prototype. Amazing it's still flying considering much younger ones have already been parted out.

Written on 15/07/2019 by John Giambone

LOL Gman...!! thank ya..Mt Lassen is closer and easier to get to the snow..but a great idea!

Written on 15/07/2019 by Tom Vance

Registration should read VP , NOT VF .. Built in 1979 , MSN 21648 , it was owned by Pan American World Airways , N539PA ,Clipper Liberty Bell .
In February of 1986 , United Airlines acquired the aircraft and registered as N148UA , until November 1995 .
It seated 244 broken down as follows :F18 C62 Y164 .
It now belongs to CSDS Aircraft Sales and Leasing , Rolling Hills Estates , California .
It will be registered as N7477S

Written on 15/07/2019 by peter tomlinson

Beautiful airplane and a storied past. I love to see these older birds.

Written on 14/07/2019 by Craig Rabe

Need pictures of flight crew!!!

Written on 14/07/2019 by Ceci Ruzzene

I had only been with Piedont about a year, and was honored to be part of the Flight Attendant's chosen to work this flight. I had taken pictures but I am unable to locate. Are there any archived photos? There were alot of photos taken and the media was there. I need links if possible to these pictures!!! Thanks. Piedmont proud Ceci.

Written on 14/07/2019 by Ceci Ruzzene

Thanks guys!

Written on 14/07/2019 by Mark Thomas

This is a fantastic photo. Taken with what I assume was a 35mm film camera, which back in 1980 had no real automatic modes or settings and surely no auto-focus. The photographer really had to know what he was doing and how to set up his equipment to get such a shot. The subject matter is great as well. Good job!

Written on 14/07/2019 by Rickh52

That's a rare catch, manuel! Gracias, amigo!!

Written on 14/07/2019 by C.W. Reed

My dad, always a Cessna-owner, loved this plane for its flying finesse.
Do I recall correctly, that much of it was made of wood?

Written on 14/07/2019 by robert kennington

Watched Documentary on this aircraft , on giant planes and certainly is the aircraft shown was the oldest dc10 from the Fed ex fleet donated and had seen better day's however later Fed ex had donate an updated MD DC11 WHICH WAS WELCOMED WITH OPEN ARMS GREATAIRCRAFT .

Written on 14/07/2019 by Steven Richardson

For Sure! Nothing like the sound of 4 RR Darts in unison! Thank you for re-posting this! Hoosier cheers!

Written on 14/07/2019 by C.W. Reed

Great photo Mark!

Written on 14/07/2019 by LELAND SCHMIDT


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