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I am just perplexed with fright ...

Written on 27/01/2021 by Luis Orpinell

No need to thank me; your pic is truly worthy of a compliment. We had this up on the big screen last night -- it is superb. Looking forward to the others you mentioned. (Tip of our caps to you ....)

Written on 27/01/2021 by Gary Schenauer

Very nice shot with the Grand Tetons in the background!

Written on 27/01/2021 by Greg Byington

Quick question, Ken. I see the tug is awaiting a driver. Would that driver be you?
As always, this is another excellent closeup click. Coloring in all 5 stars ...

Written on 27/01/2021 by Gary Schenauer

Absolutely Outstanding capture!! 5 * +!

Written on 27/01/2021 by Gary Schenauer

Your deicing shots are always ***** super, Ken. Up until three weeks ago, our temps here were so mild this winter that there was no need for any aircraft to be deiced. But all that has changed now. Plenty of deicing going on. I've tried to get some deicing shots of the FDX aircraft but because of FDX's ramp location there is no way to get close. I've snapped a couple from way over on the east side but nothing worth sharing. But info worthy of note --- A brand new cargo area is under construction at the southwest corner of the airport. As part of the new construction, the southwest ends of Taxiways Alpha and Bravo are being modified to include a deicing pad. (Putting deicing pads adjacent to the ends of runways is becoming more common and is partly a result of two fatal crashes in which aircraft were deiced but then had to taxi and then hold and by the time they were cleared to go they had iced up again. So having the deicing pads right by the end of a runway permits deicing just before getting cleared to take off.) As a result, when the new cargo area is completed, the freighters will deice quite near the southwest corner of the airport so getting pics similar to yours will be much easier for me.

Written on 27/01/2021 by Gary Schenauer

Thanx, Darryl. (Wave)

Written on 27/01/2021 by Gary Schenauer

There was a Kentucky Air Guard Hercules ramped just to the left of 98-5307 but its visit was not related to the visit of these two Weather Group Hercs.

Written on 27/01/2021 by Gary Schenauer

Niice shot!

Written on 27/01/2021 by Koutou Kouakou

Nog 'n mooi foto Uwe.

Written on 27/01/2021 by Leon Kay

Great catch and shot Gary! Love the winglets on this bird! All 5 my friend!

Written on 27/01/2021 by Darryl Sarno

Spanish military aircraft landing at Las Palmas, Canary Islands.

Written on 27/01/2021 by Paul Wisgerhof

Thanks Gary! Always appreciate your kind words!

Written on 27/01/2021 by Darryl Sarno


Written on 27/01/2021 by oJun

Love "ARASHI JET"!!!

Written on 27/01/2021 by oJun

This is an incredible image. The kind of image that most photographers would be proud to have shot. I hope it makes it to the "front page" of all the images on this sight.

Written on 27/01/2021 by Brian Elling

Difficult to improve on perfection in design. Good view of the leading edge doing what it is supposed to do.

Written on 27/01/2021 by Jim Costello

Beautiful machine more robust and powerful than it looks. Longing to visit the Kingdom of Spain again.

Written on 27/01/2021 by Jim Costello

Also seen in Mannix S4E16. 1971.

Written on 27/01/2021 by P N

This picture makes you realize how big 777's really are!

Written on 27/01/2021 by Spencer Hoefer

No, it is original Lisunov Li-2. (But indeed the Li-2 type was built based on DC-3/C-47)

Written on 27/01/2021 by Zoltan Paksi


Thanks for the best compliment I ever got on a posting. From that same outing at the Fort I will be posting one more American and a very nice Qatar Airbus 350 early next week both of which will have the Continental Navy Flag flying high.

Written on 26/01/2021 by warmwynds

THIS is a PREMIER pic!! The American flag on the tail of the AA Airbus in the same photo as the Continental Navy Flag -- an exceptional "dual" capture shot! And wonderfully unique! These are the kind of clicks it is always refreshing to see ... and truly exciting to be the photog who is snapping it. ***** x 2 for sure. Thank You Very Much for sharing this. And Congrats.

Written on 26/01/2021 by Gary Schenauer

Great snap, Darryl. Another 5 * click from the KBOS picture king. Well done. I caught this one just a few days ago but it was taxiing out around 5:30 AM or so (still pitch dark outside) and it was quite far away so I had to take the pic with a slow shutter speed and handheld; thus, it is not 100% crystal sharp. So I did not post it. I snapped it again as it was on its takeoff roll but it was even farther away - still in darkness - so the ISO setting was high -- the shutter was slow -- and again it was a handheld shot. It came out clear but not 100% crystal sharp, so I'm just sharing both of those with the RNO folks but I'm not posting here (although I suppose I could because FA accepts just about anything). Five Bravos for this pic set, Darryl. (Wave)

Written on 26/01/2021 by Gary Schenauer

John, This is a FANTABULOUS photo!! If "stars" are important to you, please know there simply aren't enough stars to award to this pic. More appropriately, there just aren't the proper adjectives to use to describe how truly outstanding this snap is. My most sincere Congrats. I'll give it the 5 stars but it's a 20-star shot. Actually, John, submit this to JP because this one deserves to be on a site that features the very finest aviation photogs - one of which is you. My cap is off to you.

Written on 26/01/2021 by Gary Schenauer

Thanks Rich. Always loved the Red Tail livery. Peace

Written on 26/01/2021 by JM32

iAero Airways bought out Swift awhile ago, but the Swift livery still cloaks this B733 "senior Seven Thirty," and the in-flight call sign remains "Swift."

Written on 26/01/2021 by Gary Schenauer

It is a Cresco 08-600, made locally in New Zealand and used as an aerial topdressing aircraft.

Written on 26/01/2021 by A Murphy

Those lenticulars look cool (these aren't fully formed yet), but I'm told that pilots avoid them because the wind currents around them are dangerous.

Written on 26/01/2021 by Gary Schenauer

Thanx, Darryl.

Written on 26/01/2021 by Gary Schenauer

If the passenger count for this KATL-KRNO-KATL route doesn't increase fairly soon, this service will be discontinued and RNO's only regular pax B757 will disappear from our skies.

Written on 26/01/2021 by Gary Schenauer

Darryl & Diana >>> TYVM. Much appreciated. (Wave)

Written on 26/01/2021 by Gary Schenauer

Those pastel-colored clouds lasted for about 5 minutes before the sun came up over the Virginia Range Mountains east of the airport. This big Bus was the only departure during those five minutes. I had been hoping for more.

Written on 26/01/2021 by Gary Schenauer

Best looking airliner, ever. 727

Written on 26/01/2021 by Lewis Tripp

Is this the C-47 that was delivered to Russia a couple of years ago?

Written on 26/01/2021 by James Driskell

nice paint job!

Written on 26/01/2021 by KenLane

what are we looking at?

Written on 26/01/2021 by KenLane

A Cessna 340?

Written on 26/01/2021 by dfuller

Great Grab!

Written on 26/01/2021 by Diana Rose

Well done Gary! All 5!

Written on 26/01/2021 by Darryl Sarno


Written on 26/01/2021 by Diana Rose

Great shot Gary!

Written on 26/01/2021 by Darryl Sarno

Vaughn Blue Jr,
Good catch, the balloon behind Darth Vader is a Jurassic Park theme and if you look at the balloon behind Jurassic Park you will see that it is a T-Rex hatching from his egg. I will have to post a picture of it.

Written on 26/01/2021 by Robert Fitzpatrick

Thank you Diana. Just natural photo at sunset...

Written on 26/01/2021 by michel charron

Based in Budapest, Hungary. Fitted with mosquito control spraying equipment.

Written on 26/01/2021 by Mark Harris

A brand new one still in "green."

Written on 26/01/2021 by Paul Wisgerhof

this is the same aircraft iron maiden used in it somewhere back in time tour from 2008.

Written on 26/01/2021 by chad howard


Written on 26/01/2021 by PeteHam

Almost like a glider! Just south (513) my neighborhood (937). Some day I'll make it all the way there on the bike trail then get a burger at the Turf Club.

Written on 25/01/2021 by Robert Bryan

Great photo! Please tell me what kind of aircraft this is and what is it equipped to do? Thank you.

Written on 25/01/2021 by dsjjw


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