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E-11A Afghanistan Crash

A USAF E-11A Battlefield Airborne Communications Node crashed Jan. 27 in Afghanistan. ( More...

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patrick baker 8
don't think the taliban had much to do with this, no matter what they say. Flying hours and hours of holding patterns ought not to end like this.
Robert Cowling 0
They have the capability to take down planes. I wouldn't doubt that they did it. I wonder why, if they did, the potus is afraid to admit it.
Ricky Scott 5
Tis sad, may they rest in peace. I flew Reconnaissance in the Navy and we always knew something bad could happen. The People flying know the risks and take them every day. I hope and pray their families mourning eventually eases.
F A 1
Pics and such
Torsten Hoff 1
The bodies of the only two service members who were on board have been recovered. I’m thankful that there weren’t more souls on board. RIP.
airuphere 1
Here’s pictures of the crash. It looks like it fell out of the sky... very little forward trajectory on the crash, and it is all intact, no breakup.
Alan Brown 1
Ricky, I have to agree with you. I flew in the RC-135M in the Gulf and it is always a chance that something will go wrong. Had some interesting landings, but luckily we didn't lose anyone or any planes. Can't be said for everyone. I hope that the families of this crew will find peace and comfort soon.


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