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UPS 747 Takes Delivery of Final 747, Marking the End of an Era

Cargo giant UPS has taken delivery of its latest and final Boeing 747 from the Everett factory. On April 8th, N633UP took off from Paine Field in Washington to the UPS Worldport in Louisville, KY. ( More...

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Mike Bogue 24
"the 747-8 is the only commercial freighter in production with nose-landing capabilities"

Nose-loading, perhaps?
blueashflyer 7
yeah, landing it on the nose would be dangerous
jafrank 6
I'm pretty sure that all of them can "nose-land" at least once.
Tim Dyck 2
I’m not an engineer so I was kinda baffled by that sentence.
Just a quick question to the pilots here…do you practice nose landing?
Dale Johnson 2
I was wondering that myself.
Gerard ORIORDAN -1
Nose landing? They must be confusing it with the 737Max.
mbrews 8
Ending of 747 production will free up some space at the Everett complex. As folks know, the Everett complex was built specifically to produce wide bodies, with bays to manufacture wings, etc. With the shift of all 787 assembly to Boeing Charleston, that leaves 767 and 777 remaining in production at Everett plant.
Ryan Snell 10
I just left the factory last week, two remaining 747 left and they are going to Atlas. IMO WA will get the new market plane when it comes back online.
mbrews 10
If Boeing is serious about the future, they should tune-up plans to fabricate composite "barrels" and wings at (or near) the Everett complex.

To "on=shore " the production and avoid any future lockdowns.

Another point would be to reduce reliance on their 3 Dreamlifters, which haul around composite cans and wings from far-flung global suppliers. Airbus has perhaps six Beluga class to haul around their big parts.

And don't overlook possible scarcity of AN-124 transport ?

I have a favorite photo of a past Everett visit. Me in the foreground. In the background Two Dreamlifters plus A-124 in the frame.

During same trip but at Boeing Field, we saw the first production 787-10 making certification flights. An avgeek's Dream trip on many levels :)
patrick baker 6
this utilitarian cargo beast will still be around for years,even as cargo airbus 350 and boeing 777 cargo birds grow in numbers. At some point, UPS will give in and purchase cargo 777's, the new standard of excellence.
bentwing60 13
For those whom actually read the referenced article, you can't Miss the mark much more than this author, and I quote 'from the article',

"Being the most modern variant in the family, the Boeing 747-8 boasts a maximum take off weight (MTOW) of 307,000lbs",

UUUhmmm, per the now lefty tail wagging WIKI.,

"its maximum take-off weight (MTOW) grew to 975,000 lb (442 t), the heaviest Boeing airliner. The Freighter version has a shorter upper deck and can haul 137 t (302,000 lb)."

Anyone else miss 'real' editors and 'journalists'?
Mike Mohle 5
I am sure they always use the correct pronouns though!
21voyageur 6
Hahaha. Indeed. Focus on the fluff and worry less about facts. To be more serious in thought for a second, I sense this site is slowing drifting away from what it was as a place for aviation enthusiasts to seriously discuss aviation to something making to social media where everybody is an expert and just making noise is important. My 2 cents.
Bruce Abels 3
Could not agree more, Dan.
Kerry Ahearn 2
Sorry, but I don't think of this site as dominated by serious discussions of aviation, though one can find such nuggets in the stream of bozo political comments ("lefty tail wagging," etc.). Whom knows where to turn . . .
Tim Dyck 3
This used to be a site dominated by discussions about aviation and the aviation industry. Sadly it has lost it’s way.
bentwing60 2
At the Alpha, FA was a site strictly inhabited by the private pilot and commercial license people, a strong representation of ATP's, a smattering of ATC folks, more than a few wrench's and DB, Preacher1 and me. P1 and I having been long standing ATP's.

Collins is the mic, they bought the joint, DB is a multi millionaire now ,at least, and this is the new norm. So for the "lefty tail waggers", "Whom knows where to turn . . .", How about cnn+

Let me know when you obtain an ATP rating, or even a PPL.
Tim Dyck 2
I joined because I was involved inSearch and Rescue operations and working in the far north I spend a lot of time flying. I’ve always had a interest in aviation. When I first discovered this site I figured I could learn a lot reading the comments from those who knew the industries. I’m a little to lose to retirement to start a new career now.
bentwing60 2
The last sentence was not aimed at you and Thank You for the S&R services!
Tim Dyck 1
No probs. If your plane goes down I want to get you and everyone else on board back safely.
Marc Pagan -1
Common, give the "reporter" a break
...he/she/it was emotional upset by micro aggressions, the "Climate Change" religion, and DeSantis in Florida standing no longer allowing Sex-ed to be taught to 7 year olds in school. Ah, and he was at a party where plastic straws were used in 2007. The pain lingers.
Brian Freeman -4
Careful Marc, your toxic masculinity and unconscious bias are showing...
Gene Poon -1
Too bad Flightaware doesn't provide a "LIKE" button for comments like Marc's! On the other hand, it's too bad the "usual" social media platforms don't provide a "DISLIKE" button.
Gregory Clark 3
This is certainly a turning point as this world’s race horse is being retired for stronger and more fuel-efficient aircraft. Congratulations to UPS in its continued service to us.
CtYank66 3
The last 747-8f is scheduled to be delivered to Atlas Air in October 2022. One of four ordered bt Atlas.
Mark Kortum 3
I NEVER want to witness one of those "nose-landings"!
Bill Przybysz 3
Sad to see the magnificent flying machine going to the “desert boneyard”. No movies w/the present Boeings. Beautiful design!
Dennis See 3
In my humble opinion, there will never be a more beautiful plane grace the world's sky's than 'The Queen'. It's sad to see her reign coming to an end!
Doug Meyer 3
Figure the author hasn't seen 30 yet?
21voyageur 1
Physically or mentally?
D Chambers 1
Aha! Nose-loading = the famous flip-up nosecone, for loading freight.
Nicole Chiavacci 0
Very very interesting indeed
Joseph Pendleton 0


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