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Avantair locked out of offices

Oooops...Here comes the end....Once a receiver gets involved, the outcome is never pretty. ( More...

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rxcw43 1
Why, oh why do news outlets post pictures with articles that are not accurate. The 'airplane' pictured is clearly a light T-tail jet, probably a Cessna product - indeed *not* a twin turbo prop with canards up front.
These kind of inaccuracies bother me to the extent that I question the very content of the article...
AccessAir 1
Because, the media doesnt care that they get the details right. They are just out to deliver the bad news.
Esteban Marin 1
Because in this case, the type of airplane in the picture is irrelevant to
The article

[This poster has been suspended.]

He's a lawyer, isn't he???


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