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55th Wing retires cranky plane — dubbed 'Lucifer's Chariot' — in Offutt ceremony

“Lucifer’s Chariot” is bound for the boneyard. Airmen from the 45th Reconnaissance Squadron bid a not-so-fond farewell Friday to Tail Number 582, a WC-135C “nuke sniffer” aircraft. ( More...

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sharon bias 1
Even aircraft have lemons
belzybob 1
Either the figures are wrong or that plane did a lot of short flights:
"The plane accumulated 29,680 flight hours and 72,251 landings".
Even though these aircraft are costly to fly wouldn't they be able to use them as Fire Bombers . as in Australia we could use some of these aircraft to fight fires as Aircraft is the go at present time .
belzybob 1
Due to the old engines and airfield operating requirements they would not be a good choice for OZ fire bombing. Plenty of good B737s on the market that would be better.


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