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Cleaning crew catches intruder on parked plane at California airport

A cleaning crew aboard an American Airlines jet parked at Los Angeles International Airport early Sunday helped catch an intruder, police in California say. The man used a pipe to pry open an airport fence so he could squeeze underneath it, then walked across the tarmac and boarded the jet at 4:45 a.m., KABC reported. ( More...

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96flstc 25
Group zero early boarding
Cleffer 18
California Man is starting to challenge Florida Man. LOL.
Robert Cowling 10
Nice save. I was an AOPA member when they started their small/regional airport security policies, and they were over due, and broadly welcomed. It's common sense. Airports are a hub of attraction, STILL, for anyone seeking to cause mischief and potentially harm quantities of people. I was amazed how lax security was, pre-9/11. I think most people would have been too. Obviously there is a need for more proximity security.

But 'if you see something, say something' IS common sense, and so easy to enact and support.
Mark Kanzler 2
I miss the days when you could walk onto an airport and walk around looking at the planes.
As a kid, I used to hang out at San Juan Capistrano (or was it just Capistrano?) airport.
Pilots liked my enthusiasm, and let me help them work on planes, and took me for rides. It was a great experience.
Andre Berthet 1
Last year I moved to San Clemente which is close to San Juan Capistrano and have noticed two streets in SJC with aviation names (Spanish names). One is Camino del Avion (Airplane Road/path) and the other Avenida Aeropuerto (Airport Avenue). Could one of them be the former location of the old airport you are referring to? I guess it was bulldozed over to make place for housing.
Per, there were 2 locations for Capistrano Airport: the original at the intersection of what is now Alipaz Street and Camino del Avion and the second on the other side of San Juan Creek (Avenida Aeropuerto used to lead to the airport, and the runway was where Calle Aviador is now). It was all shut down after an unlicensed pilot crashed and killed a 5 year old riding her bike on the path by the creek in 1977. (
donjohnston 5
Unless you see a person of color. If you say something then, you're a racist.
David Beattie 1
If the shoe fits…
W B johnson -5
This is an AVIATION website. What has your remark to do with aviation? Shame on you for injecting your ignorant racist (and false) assertion.
LOL, "false" ... Are you joking?
a1brainiac 6
These kind of airport breeches happen all the time....but I still have to remove my shoes and belt
David Beattie 5
Well, you don’t want your belt to get caught on the fence!😜
MichaelHale 2
"Breaches", unless he was caught with his pants down.
darjr26 4
Maybe they need to build a wall around the airport.
David Beattie 0
Good idea. You pay! And, of course, one could bring a ladder, shovel, trampoline or a wing suit and get right over or under the wall.
user3956 1
A ladder is really the only realistic option, walls do in fact deter most people who see it and think, 'ah fuggit' and give up.
Wayne Fox 2
So they catch this guy but what about the bomb he might have planted? If it was that easy to break into the airport and that easy to access the aircraft, I am now leery of taking early originating flights.
George Pepe 1
Right place right time. I wonder what would have happened if they had not caught him. Would he have done what someone in seattle did?
Lloyd Sharp 1
And let me guess...They let him off with a strong verbal warning to "Please stop"
Something tells me that if he wasn't caught, something terrible was going to happen.
and as much as I hate to say this-- He probably is in this country illegally....
but Crazy California seems to be Ok with this type of behavior.
Eric Mealus 1
Florida Man already did this, "Keys Man Breaks Into Airport, Hides in Delta Plane in Bid to Escape Country":-)
Gene Poon 0
Don't they know there is a homeless problem in California? Poor guy just wanted out of the cold and the snow! :-)


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