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American Airlines responds to video of pilot threatening to 'dump' passengers in Kansas

American Airlines has issued a statement defending the actions of a pilot who said he would "put this plane down in the middle of Kansas and dump people off" if they didn’t behave on a flight leaving from Washington D.C. on Friday. ( More...

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david fairchild 8
As with the other article, ( ), no-fly lists should be shared industry wide. ). The pilot should be applauded for his action, and the passenger arrested and charged at the destination. It seems that there is a new need for air marshals on every flight.
MJ Frank 4
Good for the Pilot! To be honest, he should have really landed in Kansas then have the airlines send these MAGA idiots the bill for fuel and time delays!
Mel Globerman 33
The pilot did the exactly the right thing! This situation could have easily become physical, and a real hazard to everyone on that flight. If after being told what to do by the crew, if there was no full compliance, they should be ejected from the plane as soon as possible, arrested and charged for their actions. Further, they should be held liable for all expenses incurred by the airline due to their actions!
MSReed 4
The no-fly list needs to be expanded with people such as these, and it ought to be enforced. This type of behavior continues because there have been no consequences for it, beginning at the top, and it only will get worse unless it's stopped.
jmilleratp 34
This is EXACTLY how it should go. As PIC, the safety of that aircraft is your responsibility. If something happens, the FAA is coming for you. So, if you have to draw the line and hold it, that is what you do.
Patricia Lewis 18
Good for the Pilot. He has the responsibility for everyone on that aircraft.
FlightSeer 5
I wouldn't know about any of the legal or "following employee rules" aspects of this instance, but I - apparently as one of many- praise the pilot for standing his ground for the safety of all the people on board.
linbb 15
The way things are going with peoples actions I would have welcomed it. The riots have shown what happens when people start mob violence.

It was a threat to everyones safety so dont understand what problem the pilots announcement caused.
Peter Sayers 3
Down to 12K, open door, dump unruly pax, then resume flight.
Sally225 1
That's perfect!!!!!!
patrick baker 9
the captain rules when in command, and a bit of tough command/love is acceptable. The threat to drop someone off in Kansas ought to quiet down nearly every hulligan. Kansas: it is every bit as bad as you have heard........
Kairho Carroll 2
"Don't make me turn this car around!"
Paul Miller 8
I loved that PIC for saying that to the Noisy Rude & Stupid Passengers on HIS plane, stick them down at ICT and see HOW they would have got out of that place.
rdlink 1
Damn. I've got to start paying attention to the urls in these squawks. If I'd have seen this was linked to a Faux News article I wouldn't have clicked it. Can't you find a real news outlet that published an article on this story?
Tom Pera 7
big divisions among us... but...there's a time and a place....
jeff slack -3
Completely correct; however, those divisions are clearly going across racial origins and a new race war is being instigated under the guise of a stolen election. These USA,USA,USA people are not patriots they are puppets.
Tom Pera -3
so are the "people of color"...we all are just pawns in their game
wiregold -2
People need to realize the RNC and DNC are private corporations. THEY pick the candidates we vote for.
Two of the biggest mobsters on the planet run those corporations, Adelson and Saban.
Greg Daley 9
They should be thankful he was willing to land first.
Sally225 1
Yea, really......I say, open the door and push!!!!!! Idiot people.
Lois Lettini 2
AMEN to that!!
R Jolly 3
So were the pilot's words just a rap on the knuckles or did the disruptive passengers face any further action like being debarred for flying again with American?
mary susan watkins 8
i will say,good for that pikot! it is his responsibility to assure that all passengers and crew get safely to their destination,without incidents,threats,chanting or whatever else they might want to do..and yes,to require they wear masks per regulations..this was not some kind of MAGA charger after was a scheduled commercial flight...
James Driskell 7
Let 'em get out and walk!
Claire Parr 3
The Pilot was quite right! What makes those people think they have the right to misbehave on an aircraft!!
Sally225 1
patrick baker 2
i love it when somebody who can not even spell "law school" tries to frame a legal arguement, but this one is truly ignorant. Yes, members of a mob performing trespass, criminal assault, property damage of a federal building, armed in the District of Columbia where that is frowned upon, those folks are not part of a tour of the halls of congress on a guided tour. Each has committed one or more breaking of federal laws, and how they got there and how they go back to their homes has nothing to do with charging any airline, bus line or train service. A few of these folks commited murder as well
Lois Lettini 1
IF this problem continues (unruly passengers), people will be afraid to fly. I don't think airlines want that to happen.
Brian Wilkes 2
fair enough!
David Loh 0
Let me try to understand this. Was everyone who even went up the stairs of the Capitol WHILE Congress is in session "suspects" in criminal activity and FBI and Police are actively trying to identify them? So, is not any airline that transport these suspects away from the city where the crimes have been committed, can these airlines be considered as accessories in commission of a crime? True, we don't know if any of of these pax were even at the coup but then they are all suspects.
Mel Globerman 1
Doubtful, because they (airlines) were not aware if they were involved and had been charged!--


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